Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things I love: No Fear

It's Halloween which means typically this time of year I was decorating my house and classroom with all things Autumn. I used to celebrate the change of the seasons, I loved them and embraced them. Funny how here in LA the seasons all blend together with small changes here and there. And while the leaves might not be turning down here and sweaters are not needed, I instead am the one changing ... and that is MORE then worth celebrating.
I have been working hard to push myself emtionally and spiritually out of my comfort zone and I am learning more about myself then I ever knew possible. I am learning how strong I can be and how much control I have over my emotions. I'm constantly letting go of fear and emotions and pushing myself out of my box by diving into everything head first. And it's amazing feeling and I've never felt more me or this happy. 
Now I still have plenty of things I am still working on. I am still finding myself  and uncovering what my true passion is. I am working on my issues and I am working being able to open this pretty little lovable heart  back up, so I can once again share her with someone. I mean, let's face it, I'm not exactly jumping back into the dating scene, I've still got some fear to plunge through in the dating department.
It's funny when you face a fear how powerful you feel, and it can be a silly as my fear of acting like a goofball in front of the camera (but off camera I will goofball like crazy though).
Check out me goof balling and facing a fear of mine in this Freedom Forum Halloween PSA video .... warning Cassandra's humor is kinda out there, she clearly has no fears of acting like a goofball on camera...
And to see more of my thoughts on dating and being single at thirty please check out this Article that I wrote for Dirty and Thirty and our Spreecast chat about it as well. Clearly talking and writing about my feelings is a fear I faced by putting myself out in the blog world. And imagine I used to not even post my face on my blog... I'm glad this is a fear I long ago conquered!!

So go out there and conquer a fear, do something you've never done before, push your limits and see where it takes you. You may surprise you self like I'm surprising myself.