Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I Love: REGALIA

I love clothes. I always have. I mean DUH, I played with barbies and her regalia was AMAZING. Ball gowns, Party dresses and high heels. That LADY gave me HIGH hopes.
I mean everyone goes to parties and wears sparkly dress right? YUP! Even Dr. Barbie & Race Car Barbie. To be honest I never even owned a Ken (my Barbies were NOT heterosexual but that's another story...LOL).
In any case while I love clothes and shopping when I make purchases I make LIFETIME purchases. And i'm not sure if that means my lifetime or there's but either way Imma gonna wear my clothes till I die or they do. I follow trends but really I wear and buy things that look good on me and that i L-O-V-E.
I have certain brands that I know will fit me no mater what. I'm loyal and not just with brands...
Louboutin, Elizabeth & James, Haute Hippe, J BRAND, and Free People are all go-to brands for me. I know they're gonna fit. Honestly I hate returning & I hate trying on clothes. 99% of the time I know whether or not something will fit or not and 99% of the time I love a piece and I'm going to hang on to it forever. I RARELY give clothes away. I'm a collector and that's how I fell about my clothes. I mean all girls need to own 150 dresses... RIGHT? I mean if Barbie taught me anything it's that pretty Blonde (and ALL ladies) can be anything thhey want and shit... They can never have enough dresses or High heels.
Here are some pieces I could add to my "LIFETIME" Collection:
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I could rock this on the red carpet & I think I'd make barbie proud.

everyone would know "Who's dat girl" if I rocked this.

No need to "put a ring on it" I'll put my own ring on. And preferably on my middle finger, I LOVE "flip-off" rings...

I don't wear anything but Loubotins. I DIG his designs. Maybe one day I'll get a pair of Jimmy Choos, but until then I'll KILL my feet and ROCK my red soles. Martha taught me well, even if she Shapries over the FLASHY red. I'm a FLASHY kinda girl. Learned that from BAR-BEE.

And since we're talking barbie check out this picture my GIRL Brooke Goff drew. Radical right? SO proud of her for making the decision to go to Art School. Girl's got TALENT!
Screen shot 2012-03-08 at 10.33.12 AM
So what are you loyal to? Tell me please...

Monday, March 5, 2012


I am currently busting my ass (Yes these days I often need curse words to emphasize my emotions) working on my rebirth.
New job. New City. NEW LIFE. So i apologize for my lack of posts. BUT let's just say my old life and some of the people in it feel like a lifetime ago. I can't even believe how amazing my life is these days and how I'm a MILLION times happier then I could have ever imagined. I mean Miley-FREAKING-Cyrus' team did a photoshoot with lil old me. Now that shit CRAY! And Vijat made me feel like a star, umm I look at who he has photographed. REALLY?!!
But I guess that's what happens when when you follow your dreams. I'm hustling my hardest to fight for the things I believe in. And I hoping to change America's values & standards of society. I'm using all I have because I'm SO passionate about how things have slipped and what America currently values and I can't stand for it anymore. Commercialism, Pop Culture & MAINSTREAM America I'm coming at you and that's just my start.
I'm fighting hard and I hope y'all can join in and help me.
Until my next post please feel free to Friend me on:
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Because guess what ladies & gents? WE'RE ABOUT TO CHANGE THIS GAME (...all in the Name of Amber Lane ;)
Thank you Jackie for asking me to be a part of your Rad & Refined COACHELLA Look Book. That was amazing!!! And i love you like CRAZY You are making my DREAMS COME TRUE!! Keep doin' what you DO!
Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 1.43.05 PM
Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 2.41.44 AM
I'm just gonna keep flyin HIGH, seriously can you pass me a joint? Thanks.
Talk to you soon, until then...
Go and do something for someone else today, even if it's just a hello to a stranger & be PROUD of it.