Thursday, June 30, 2011

Look of the Day: Glitter-rific

Yesterday I attended the the Glitter Guide Launch party (pictures to follow) so you know I had to bust out some sequins. I evaluated the glitter options in my closet and went with a sequin vest that I purchased from H&M after seeing Rachel Roe wear something similar. Ya'll know I love her. I decided an event like last night's was the perfect opportunity to bust out some of my Louboutins, who spend most of their time looking pretty in my shoe closet, and get dolled up. I topped things off with a few sparkly jewelry pieces and some Sally Hansen Glitter nail strips. It's fun to get ready to go hang out with a big group of girls and celebrate all things glittery!

Big thanks to the Lovely Glitter Girls for throwing a perfect opportunity to get all glittered up and girly!
Although I wore the shirt tied it still showed a bit of skin -- giving the outfit a pin-up feel.
Lf Blouse {cute polka dots},
H&M Vest {Crazy cool option on mega sale},
Urban Outfitters Skirt {similar style and a GORGEOUS mint colored ADAM skirt here}, Christian Louboutin Heels {similar style, and a similar wallet friendly option}
Dance PAR-TAY!
Picnik collage
Being glittery makes me want to dance!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I love: Summer Essentials

Stilleto Hardware - perfect for weddings or long nights out on the town, best heel pads I have tried.
Essie Tart Deco- totally obsessed with this orangey color.
Maybelline Stylish Smokes-Perfect for the makeup challenged like me, I love how it tells you where to put the colors and the liner is my fave perfect for smokey eyes.
CVS Exfoliating Nail Squares-these have changed my life, I used to hate taking off nail polish these remove it in seconds.
Dr. Perrcione MD Cold Plasma {gifted}-keeping me looking young as I enjoy my last year in my 20's
Show Stoppers{gifted}-keep those pesky dresses and sleeves in place. Also perfect when you're in the mood to be a bra-less wonder these summer nights ;)
LF Stores Sparkly Hair Ties-Need I say more?!
Clinique High Impact Mascara-Big fat brish for long and clump-less lashes -- perfection!
Revision Intellishade SPF45 Matte{gifted} tinted Moisturizer for all types - has officially replaced Bare Essentials for me. But you can through some on top for extra coverage, although I tend to keep it minimal especially during the summertime.
Ms manicure Pocket pal and Best in Toe Kit-perfect for inbetween mani/pedi sesh's. c/o Confessions of A Navy Wife

{making of a blog post}
check out videos of me making this post:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amber's {Video} Notebook: Like an N8, Like an N8

Recently Nokia & Ell magazine started a search fro the next Style Correspondent, as part of this, Nokia reached out to me to see if I would like to trial one of their New pink N8's. When I recived the phone yesterday I was pretty excited, so Jen and I headed out to San Francisco to give the N8 a try. Here are few of our videos from the day, warning we're kind of weird!
Intro to our Day.

After some snacking and shopping, we be bow-ing.

Amber learns about Owen's secret Bag Piping skills.
Everybody does not love Raymond -- but Jen did!
{warning NSFW I accidently drop an f-bomb about a minute in, SORRY!}
What we drink on summer nights.
It was pretty funny and we enjoyed oursleves -- maybe a bit to much. We use any excuse to celebrate! I'm thinking a party is a must for next week. You are all virtually invited.
Expect more videos to come, I'l be bringing this baby to LA with me.
If you have any video request send them my way!
Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 1.12.37 PM

Things I Love: Spur of the Moment Trips

Hey LA Friends! I am going to be in town this weekeend. And I was thinking it might be fun to meet for happy hour on Friday. If you think you would want to meet up with me, email me at I'll let you know where I was thinking of heading.
Sorry for the late notice -- I will be back down soon!
{enjoying a glass of wine at the Sunset Marquis}
I'll be back shortly with a Vlog recap of my day with Jen yesterday...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Amber's {Blog Event} Notebook: Serenity Now

This weekend I was asked to be VIP blogger* at the Seren-i-Tea Event held in Union Square in San Francisco. Over 250 people registered for the event and I brought 9 VIP guests (not all who I got to meet unfortunately) along for the day. All I can say it was an amazing experience to meditate in Union Sqaure, in the middle of all it's heckedness and mediatate and practice yoga with Stephanie Snyder while hundreds of on-lookers and tourists watched on. The whole event was all about what you intent is. Your intent for the day. Your intent for you actions. Your intent for your relationships. And your intent for you life. And for two hours that is what I focused my thoughts on and I loved every minute of it.

Rocking some Yoga gear I selected c/o Zobha.
Their stuff is SO nice, enter to $1000 to spend at Zohba here.
Friends and blog readers who showed up.
Enjoying freebies c/o pop chips and Odwalla and of course event sponsors Sokenbicha.
I set up my yoga map in anticipation for the events. While I do practice yoga, I am in no means a "yogi" and have never practiced with such a large group before. I was in the front row and was kind of intimidated!
There were some drummers that performed pre-show and were amazing.
They really got the energy going and set the tone for the event.
Somehow in the mist of of busy city and having people stop to take pictures of our spectacle, we were able to find peace and enjoyed peaceful practice. It was SO cool.
So I urge you to think about your intent. Check out, think about your intent, and enter it to make it it official.
I agreed to be compensated and to cover this event

Friday, June 24, 2011

Amber's {Blog Event} Notebook: Swap Lulu's

Yesterday I went to what might have been the coolest blog event I have been to thus far. I attended the #Swaplulu's night of fun and fashion event and it was RADI-COOL! When I arrived I was checked in and I dropped off a bag of my items (good stuff! Juicy, Anthro, H&M and Joie that was left to the wayside) and was given a swaping bag and was told to go to the pre-event cocktail hour. There I chatted with my best bloggy friends (Natalie, Elisabeth, LAUR!, Jeanne, Michelle, Rebecca, Eli, Santina, Elisabeth and more). After some mingling the Lulu's team came out and announced they had hand selected a piece for everyone at the event, mind you there about 100 ladies there, and it was going to be a free for all to grab a piece. Luckily I was close to the front but it was a mad house when they yelled "Go!", I blindly grabbed a striped sleeve (y'all know I heart stripes) not knowing what the heck it was and ran out of the line-of-fire.

I ended up grabbing The Mink Pink Inca Black and White dress, which all my bloggie besties deemed "SO Amber".
We snacked some more on Pretzel Crisps, um Buffalo Chicken Pretzel Crips whaaaa? Bomb.
Then we waited for the real swap to begin, where Lulu's hid some of there real items in!! People were jazzing to say the least. I was a *bit* scared. Seriously.
I had the genius idea to sneak through the side, I'm kinda a maverick and I just don't give a shoot. My game face was on.
I ended up with radical stuff! I found a stash of accessories fairly far into the game, that been passed over so I just couldn't help myself. I got some amazing earring, I think I'll rock them with my dress. I also ended getting some sweet stuff at the swap including a Forever 21 new with tags, so I was pumped. And all the leftover pieces were donated to the Good Will.
My Stash:
I got this amazing bracelet, that although I loved, but I gave to my best friend Jen because I've never seen anything so perfectly her. She's a pink lady!
In any case I'm hooked on swapping and had a blast. Big Thanks to the Lulu's and team!! Thank you so much!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Hale Jewelry Look-Book Shoot

When Kelsey Nagie of Hale jewelry asked me if I would be a part of her summer look-book I was more then excited! First of all Kelsey's pieces are amazing and who wouldn't want to get their Top Model on? I had a blast and the who hale team rocked. it was an awesome experience and I can't wait to see the lookbook.
Kelsey and I.
Love her, she totally rocked!
LOVED this back piece.
Every piece I checked out was radical and so well made!
The idea of the shoot was safe vs sexy.
So basically we came up with day and night looks to pair with Kelsey's pieces.
I had so much fun! Big thanks to the Hale team for including me!
Wearing black LF top, Forever 21 Cheetah shorts, LF lace backless dress.
All Jewelry by Hale.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I Love: Summer Nights Drifting Away

Summer is here and it sure as heck feels like it. I have been enjoying poolside days and fresh summer dinners. Yesterday I went to my friend Vanessa's house to celebrate the longest day of the year. Vanessa parents made us salmon and a peach, corn, tomato, avocado salad and it was fantastic, perfect for a warm summer night. I look forward to many more nights like that this summer and many more laughs in Vanessa's backyard.

I picked this Roxy dress up in Santa Cruz a few weekends back, I used to be *kinda* Roxy obsessed (I went job shadowed the designer for my Senior Project) so it was nice to buy something from them again after all those years.
Wearing: roxy dress, forever 21 sunglasses
I'm not going to lie, Vanessa and I get PRETTY silly when we are together!
It was the perfect way to beat the heat!
Side note: what are your favorite iPhone camera apps? I use hipstamtic and Camera +

Follow Up: Sereniti- Tea Event

Thanks you for the response the Sereniti Event that I am hosting this Saturday at Union Square in San Francisco. The following readers will be attending with me and receiving swag bags complete with $50 to Whole Foods. Please Email me you information and register for the event here. And if you are interested in attending the event, please let me know, I still have spots available.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Look of the Day: No Pants Party

The Birthday celebration continued through the weekend. On Friday I volunteered Loaves & Fishes before heading out the Giants game (they lost - bummer). And on Saturday I had a birthday celebration with family and then I headed out to the city with my sister and girlfriends. It was a no pants party and we rocked it out. We went to Chaya in San Francisco and had a fabulous time there. We also had a few photo-shoots, it's always fun to get together with you girlfriends and get silly!
I rocked my new dress for LF on Union Street.
It's the kind of dress I want to wear every single day.
The girls.
All right, I celebrated for a week straight, it's about time to get back to reality. Watch out though! I got a new computer and am going to be a blogging machine!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I love: The Day After My Birthday is Not My Birthday

Yesterday was definitely a recovery day. My Birthday was even better then I could have expected. On Monday I hit the beach with some friends to start the celebration and on Tuesday Casey and I went to the city for some shopping and lunch. I hit up my favorite store LF and got a few goodies! Then I went out to dinner with my Gma, Mom and friends. We ended the night karaoking {Afroman of all things} it reminded me a lot of the birthday I celebrated in China two years ago. It was an awesome day and make me feel super special! I forgot how much I love birthdays.
Birthday Cupcakes from a local shop.
The red velet cheesecake was out of this world.
Celebrating our flag.
Just a handful of the nicknames I have.
Jen and I.
Rocking a Urban Outfitters Dress.
Thanks for the wishes!
This birthday week is going straight to my head.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things I Love: 28 Years

I love the Last 12 twelve months feature in my iPhoto Application. It shows all the pictures the pictures I have taken in the course of twelve months. I usually use it to see what exactly I was doing or wearing one year ago to the day. However this morning I scrolled through to see what exactly I was up to my 28th year of life. I remember I started June 4th, 2010 getting up ready to go to Kaiser to have the pic-line in my arm changed-- I was recovering from a bad case of pneumonia (which would strike me back down in a few more weeks) in contrast this year I kicked things off with a trip to the gym. But even with the rough start 28 wasn't a bad year (although definitely my sickest! I had strep throat 5 times before realizing I needed to have my tonsils taken out in March). I;m hoping for healthy, happy and exciting 29th year!
Here is a look back in pictures at my 28th year:
I traveled to Germany.
The Czech Republic.
And Veince, Italy.
Spent time in LA.
West Hollywood *may* be one of my favorite places in the world.
Threw some awesome parties, including a Breakfast at Tiffany's dinner party.
Had relaxing weekends in Tahoe, Napa, Santa Cruz, and Bodega Bay.
Went the the the World Series, cheered the Giants on when they won, went to their Victory Parade and went to Scottsdale to watch them gear up at Spring Training.
I went to so many amazing Blog events, {I even got to host one!} and made so many amazing blog friends {on and off line}
Twenty Eight was a fabulous year but I can't wait for my Twenty Ninth! Thank to you for all your love and support!! xoxo