Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I love: The Academy Awards

Like many of you I spent my Sunday evening oohing and awing over the gorgeous red carpet gowns. Cate in Givenchy, and Mila in Elie Saab were both fresh new {lilac} looks to the Red Carpet in; while Halle Berry and Hailee Steinfeld showed why Marchesa gowns will Red Carpet staples for years to come. And Gwyneth's gowns of the night, out-shined her almost painful performance. However, my favorite look of the night was Michelle Williams. I thought she looked absolutely amazing, and her look was perfect for the Academy Awards. It was so old Hollywood glamour, I just adored it. She is always one of my favorites. My biggest disappointment of the night was there was no gorilla suit wearing Banksy appearance, although his art has been popping up around LA this past week.
My essentials for watching the Oscars: iPhone with my Twitter app open, iPad complete with the Oscar backstage app (loved it!), reading material and Google for any necessary questions.
My favorite look of the night:
I enjoyed watching Anne's looks throughouth the night ( they were much better then her hosting skills). Her fringe dress was my absolute favorite dress - just amazing!
What were your thoughts? Leave a link with your comment if you posted about the Oscars!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I Love: Blog Meetups

Yesterday evening I headed out to The City to meet up with some of my favorite blogging ladies. I had so much fun at the last blogger gathering and I was very excited for this one. Between the catching up, meeting new friends, snacking on appetizers, and sipping sangria I couldn't ask for a better way to spend a rainy evening. Big thanks to Lindsay and Catlin and the folks at LaLoLo for making sure we had a fabulous time!
Taylor, Alicia and I having a giggle fest.
Picture 6
The fabulous Gift bag and Giveaway prize area. Paige even won a night stay in Napa!
Taylor's awesome accessories. I want her Forever21 bracelet!
Alicia snapping away.
I won a darling pair of Elva Fields earrings.
And some of the fun business cards I picked up!
love these ladies!
Picture 8

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love: Taste the Rainbow

Yesterday when I pulled out my iPad and gave Facebook my morning scroll through, I saw my friend Erynn posted a picture of her morning green smoothie. It looked so yummy and healthy it immediately motivated me to bust out my juicer and make a cleaning drink. I go in and out of my juicing habits, I usually juice more in the summer. But let me tell you I never regret it when I do juice. I don't think there is a better way to start your day then with a big glass of fresh juice.
<span class=
In the mix: Blueberries, apple, ginger, cucumber, lemon and a carrot
(basically whatever I had on hand).
<span class=
Way better then an artificial sugar rainbow.
<span class=
What's your favorite way to start your morning?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I Shop: Right on Target

Yesterday on my monthly run to Target for boring items like cat litter, I made a venture to the shoe and clothes area. Usually I only check out that area when there is a Go Designer I am interested in, but lately I have been really impressed by people's finds at Target. I went over first looking for the Seychelle's Cream of the Crop look alike that I saw J post on The Look 4 Less. While searching for a pair in my size I also came across a cute pair of strappy sandals. I even came across a bright bathing suit that looked fun for poolside time this summer. Perhaps I won't dread my errand runs quite so much anymore.
Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Othelia Braided Flat Sandals
Women's Xhilaration Teanna Heeled Sandals in Tan IMG_5322
Are you a Target shopper? I know there are lots of people who swear by it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look of the Day: My Flare Lady

Flare jeans are something I love. My love affair with them began back in the heyday of my shopping trips to Wet Seal and Contempo Casuals. My Mudd flare jeans fit me perfect and were also friendly on my teenage wallet. But soon flare jeans became something hard to find in a sea of Citizens, and 7FAMK jeans. Few and far between were flare jeans -- that is until this season. Flare jeans finally seem to be coming back with a vengeance, and I have made sure to acquire a pair from all my favorite brands -- just to make sure I'm well stocked when the next anti-flare jean wave comes in. I like my flares big. Now, I'm just on the hunt for a mega-bell.
Thank you LF for having your jeans on super sale.
It almost felt like buying a pair of Mudd Jeans back in 2000.
Picture 2
I love it when my flares cover almost all of my shoe. Can't wait to wear these with wedges!
LF jeans, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Deena and Ozzy Boots.
Old jacket and necklace.
Picture 3
What cut of jeans is your favorite?

Things I Love: Dresses

I have a thing for dresses, my dresses even have their own special closet in my gilry room. So I'm always on the the hunt for new dresses, and this morning a found a dress that I had to share. Last spring I wore this Haute Hippie dress to a wedding. It was quite pricey is sold out now, so when I came across this Free People dress I thought it was the prefect Look 4 Less and I had to share.
My dress:

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Off to find some things for my Spring Wishlist!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flowers of the Week: Fresh to Death

One of my resolutions this year was to use more flowers from my own garden for my inside bouquets. So the other night just before rain and wind were about to blow in, I went outside to rescue some of my lovely, delicate, daffodils. I'm so glad I did because they have been brightening up my kitchen table ever since. They look perfect bundled up in my 'Fresh' vase from Esty seller Clayswan - her stuff is adorable (great for presents).
I just love daffodils. It's amazing how accurate they are in their bloom time. For example, here is a post from last year and the same bulbs bloomed on almost the same day as last year. I am going to have to keep and more accurate record! Nature never ceases to amaze me.
What is brightening your day up today?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look of the Day: It's Elementary, My Dear Watson

Yesterday I organized my closet, got dressed for the first time this week, and went out to eat with Casey. It was a good day, after a slow start to the week. Pretty sure Cupid struck me with the strep-throat arrow instead of the love-sick one. Not so bad because it forced me, after much resistance, to finally make the trip to the doctor to get my tonsillectomy on a roll. Not looking forward to it but I'm not interested in spending my summer like last year's. I'll take the trip to Europe and leave the hospital stays. Casey and I ended our day with dinner at five thirty (happy hour) and Jeopardy. We are ready for our condo in Florida now, no retirement needed.

But really, was anyone surprised that Watson won last night? It was cool to see, but the guys had no chance. Watson had complete buzz-in accuracy and obviously no human error, emotion or nervousness. He was funny though - not that he was trying to be. I was happy to see Ken Jennings make a run for it at the end. However, I was surprised Ken didn't wage more at the end; especially after Watson's 'Toronto' final Jeopardy response the previous night. All in all, it was a very cool special to watch.
With the weather rainy and windy (crazy windy!) I went with bright colors for my outfit.
Picture 10
Pink, yellow, blue and sprinkles.
Not the cupcake kind but the spot on my jeans is a rain drop on the camera lens.
It's jacket time.
Picture 4
Kimichi Blue Jacket, White Dress Shop top, Forever 21 sweater, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Deena and Ozzy Boots and Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.
Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I Love: The Small Things

This week I have been sick. So instead of dwelling that, I have been focusing my energy on the little things that have been making me happy. For instance Watson on Jeopardy this week. Has anyone else found this to be incredibly amazing!? My mom and I have been loving 'him', although I would like to see Ken Jennings get a little more action in. I love watching how Watson generates answers. I think the technology is just fascinating and it's possible impacts on the medical field seem really amazing and helpful.
Here are a few other things making me smile this week:
The first signs of spring in my yard.
A home cooked Valentine's dinner made by Casey.
Bobby Flay Fish Tacos, so yummy!
A cute book to get caught up in.IMG_5199
And February afternoons that are perfect for snuggling up in my chair to read.
I hope you find some small things that make you happy this week as well!

Reader Request: Gwyneth's Feather Earrings

During the Grammy's reader Jennifer posted on my Facebook page that "Gwyneth Paltrow's feather earrings on the Grammys reminded me of you!". She then suggested I find some affordable options to recreate the look. You Know I loved her look too.

I have to say Gwyneth and Cee Lo were adorable. And how cool is that Glee was the reason behind this pairing? First the SNL and now the Grammy's, Glee is taking over! Cee Lo's get-up was only second to his Darth Vader/Star wars 'Crazy' performance. Other highlights of the night for me were Keith Urban, Nora Jones and Johnny Depp's - oh I mean John Mayer's - rendition of Jolene(one of my all time FAVORITE songs), and the Mumford and Sons performance. I was disappointed that Eminem didn't win more awards, Lady Gaga really let me down, and no one really wowed me with their fits.
But I did love Gwyneth and her hot pink feather earrings at the Grammy's.
GweynthPicnik collage
image from Michael Caulfield/
From the top: La Dama sherbet feather earrings, Light pink Feather earring from Forever 21, and
Long hot pink feather earrings from Etsy
Did you watch the Grammy's. What did you think? If you posted about it please share you link in your comment.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love: Valentines!

Picture 1
Thank you all for always making my day, everyday. And for always showing me love!!
Some Valentine's Day Sweet Links:
Cute cards for next year. I love you more than [insert your twitter/facebook/ketchup/et cetera vice here]
For all those Holly Golightly lovers, a cute V-day treat for yourself.
And lastly,
Barbie & Ken finally got back together so I couldn't be happier!!
{didn't you just love handing out Valentines to your friends as a kid?}

Friday, February 11, 2011

Look of the Day: Take Me Away

This weekend Casey is taking me a quick get-away for the weekend. We're headed up the coast and I'm hoping to spot a whale! However I think Casey is most excited about cruising his new wheels on 101. You see, Casey has a car hobby. He likes to purchase used cars fix them up and then sell them. There are usually about 3 cars in each rotation. A truck, an everyday driver and then a garage car (currently a '71 Challenger which I can't wait to drive). When he gets down to two cars I always know a new car is bound to show up some time and that's exactly what I came home to yesterday. Either he really likes cars or he doesn't like people to spot him on the rode, I haven't quite figured it out yet.
I just stay incognito by wearing turban headbands and glasses, it seems to work just as well.
Picture 8
Picture 14
Picture 10
h&m headband, Forever 21 glasses, American Eagle chambray top, Boyfriend sweater BP nordstrom, Jbrand jeggins and Deena and Ozzy tread boots.
Have a great weekend!!

Look of the Day: Roller Coaster, Of Love

I had a really good day yesterday, and for no particular reason. I guess the reason doesn't matter. But it does reinforce the husband's assessment that my emotions are similar to those of a ride on the Matterhorn roller coaster at Disneyland. And by referencing the Matterhorn he was being polite, really it's more like the Medusa at Six Flags.

Actually I wore this because I was inspired after seeing Lea Michelle wear this H&M dress on Glee . My Twitter and Facebook friends would have told you they knew this already - but please, don't feel left out.
Yup! I was so happy I left the barricades of my girly {messy} room!
h&m dress and deena & ozzy boots
And if you're not already...Come on, Get happy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How I Shop: You got Designer Shades, Just to Hide Your Face

I'm slowly starting to plan and make lists of items I want to purchase for spring. One accessory that I love is sunglasses. While I love classic frames, I also have a penchant for funky ones. I am still kicking myself for not purchasing the pair of glasses I spotted in Italy with one square lens and one circle lens - pretty radical!I have been keeping my eye out the perfect pair. Here are a few I have my eye one, no pun intended.
I am fairly loyal to Tom Ford sunglasses ever since the Whitney's and these dramatic cat-eye have the exact kind of funky flair I love.

I also love these Tom Ford butterfly glasses.

But you can never count out the affordability of Forever 21 shades to throw in your purse.

I'm also loving Tory Burch's new take on the aviator, very cool.

And I totally think these Rodarte for Opening Ceremony rock.
Picture 1
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