Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things I Love: My Step Mom

I am so blessed to have a fabulous Step Mom, Rena. And I just wanted to give her a shout out since it her and my Dad's anniversary. I Love you Rena!! XoXo

My Dad and Rena at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago.
A Mint Julip Sure sounds good! Happy Anniversary!!

Flowers of the Week: Childhood Dreams

The lighting I took the pictures in does not do these flowers justice, but they pretty!! I swear the $6 I spend on flowers a week is worth a million times more to me. As a little girl I always dreamed of being a lady who had fresh flowers in her house, I am still trying to track the origins of that dream. Martha perhaps? I used to have my Mom buy me Marthas (and Vogues) when I was young!! LOL I think I have my first original copies are somewhere, I need to find the year on those things...My box of old magazines may be the only thing that my mom did not keep for me at her house.

Thank you Mom for everything!!
Oh and BTW Mom, what do you think of this Asparagus tart for our Easter menu? I need to add a perfume tray to my on the hunt list.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look of The Day: Amber... I Wonder if she's back from Vegas

I forget how much I miss hotels when I come home at night and to find that no one made my bed and my breakfast dishes are still dirty and I have to deal with them. Staying in hotels sure is fun!

So it's hasn't been storming, yet, but the ominous dark storm clouds are looming overhead. I wish they would just start storming and get out of here so we can enjoy a nice sunny Easter Sunday. In the meantime it has been slowly dripping here and there, which leaves me in a pickle when I am trying to pick out outfits. I veered to being safe and wore boots (over them) and my new Trench-ish jacket I purchased after loving how it looked on Chloe! I felt cute with the jacket on or off so that was at least a compromise for having to be prepared for rain.

You can kind of see the adorable inside print of the jacket in this picture. It is on the table behind me.

Unfortunately my Forever 21 jacket, Anthropologie top and Ash Olivia boots are all no longer available =(
I tired to get a close up of the details on this Anthro top, which I obviously don't know the name of! Kim, Maria, or Tien?? Any of my Anthro experts know?

All wrapped up!
And if anyone even gets the title of this thread we need to be friends, or at least Seinfeld watching buddies.

EDITED TO ADD: You can check out me rocking a total Kim outfit on the Antnhroholic today. Thanks kim! =)

Things I Love: Travel Trinkets

"No, Chandler, you have to find the line between stealing and taking what the hotel owes you. Um, for example, hair dryer, no, no, no. Shampoos and conditioners, ah, yes, yes, yes. Now, the salt shaker is off limits, but the salt.... [pouring it into his hand]
...I wish I'd thought this through. "
I love weekend getaways but most of my weekend getaways are too close in location that buying a souvenir would be silly. But I still like to collect a keepsake from trips, so I have began to collect small keepsakes from my trips, like Matchsticks, hotel key cards and hotel pens. They are small reminders to me of fabulous weekends. I suppose I am only a step away from being a "Ross."
I store them in my mason jars or arandl=omly around my house to remind myself of fun times.
And it's only a bit weird if you come home with a pair of these as a souvenir...
Wendy made me do it!
Here's to another weekend getaway soon!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Look of the Day: Back in Black

I hit the sack, I've been too long I'm glad to be back
I was almost CERTAIN last week would be my last outfits with boots and in black. But umm, not so much, Mr. Rain, we had (another) rainy day. In any case, my boots are back, along with the rain. Don't get me wrong my pool and garden LOVE the rain, but me and my closet? Not so much. I am ready for pedicures on our toes and sandals! I am rally hoping it is nice next weekend!

not the type of outfit I want to wear this season but I will deal with it...
My Gma LOVED all the comments on her birthday post.
Thank you all SO much!!
You all made her day!! XOXO

Weekend Recap: Viva Las Vegas

We had a fabulous time in Vegas doing it up! Casey and I can only handle so much of Vegas and our trips are very short. The first time we ever went I had free plane tickets, so we were broke college kids and decided to just fly in for night and forgo a This weekend although quick as well, we still had lots of fun We ate, shopped, and laughed our way down the strip. I even attempted (thanks to blog inspirations like Andi) to do my makeup (yes, the last time I bought makeup was when Barbie collaborated with MAC and clearly I did not buy it for the makeup). I hope now, to do my makeup more often! Weekend getaways are the BEST!
Here is a photo recap of my trip:
m i r a g e

c a m e r a. f u n

b u y. m e. a. d r i n k

e a t s
l o o k s
f u n

Things I love: The White Dress Shop

The White Dress Shop featured me on their blog as a customer and I couldn't me more excited! THANK YOU LADIES!
I love the Laura Ann Full Ruffle Pleated Bow Tank that I purchased from them and I cannot wait to make another purchase from them. I mean, how CUTE is this tank??

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Envelope Please...

Girl can Work a pose!
Emma, Kirby and DeAnna each won $5 voucher to Dorothy's etsy store!
Girls, please shoot me an email so I can send Dorothy your info!

Style Icon: Leopard, Lipstick and Fur

h a p p y. b i r t h d a y. g m a
My Grandma, or Gma as I Like to call her, has always been one of my biggest style icons. She never dressed, or dresses, like a typical Grandma. She has a shoe collection that fits in two closets, full of heels ranging from new styles to vintage Candies from the 70's (I only wish my feet fit in size 5 vintage shoes!). Her fur collection would put Peta into a rage. And her collection of vintage chunky rings and bracelets would be the would be the bohemian fashionista. My Gma always wears out together outfits, and more often then not, they are outfits that stand out in a crowd. My grandma has a penchant for chunky rings, heels, fur coats and lipstick. When she gets dressed everyday she has fun putting together outfits. She doesn't merely wear clothes, she wears outfits. I have always admired her style, and the fact that she doesn't ever stop to think what others may think about her style, she wears what she likes, and that is why my Grandma is my Style Icon. I can't wait to celebrate her 81st birthday later today! See you soon Gma!

The outfits fits in these pictures are from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I love them because they are before my time and remind of a time that was very glamorous in my eyes.
My Grandma in a Czech Hospital after she broke her leg sking. I love how happy she looks, the vintage hostipal bed and the fresh flowers of course!
My Grandma and Grandpa's wedding picture. I love her bird cage veil.
My Grandma and Mom while they still lived in Prague.
Finally after years of my Grandpa and Grandma working hard to escape the communist regime, my Grandma and Mom are finally able enjoy themselves in San Francisco.
I love this retro dress. Amazing!
And I'll be back later with the giveaway winner, and of course a Weekend recap!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Things I love: I'm Leaving (for) Las vegas

Hard to believe the last time Casey and I went to Vegas as three years ago, it sure doesn't feel that long. I looked through all my old pictures and I have barely any pictures (or I should say post-able pictures) from any of my Vegas trips. But then again most of my Vegas trips are so fast you could blink and miss me. This time around I am SO excited to see Daniel Tosh live!! Ahhh!!

Still amazed my last trip was from 3 years ago. We went for Casey's 26th birthday. I was rocking a juicy dress.
And a picture from my Bachlorett party circa July 2006! I am in the long white skirt
Tonight is Earth hour here is y blog post my last year about it. It's just one hour but it makes a HUGE difference!Although I will be in the city of lights this year and will miss out, I have participated in it the past two years and I will make sure to keep my hotel lights off and my house lights will be off as well.
And once again I am sure turn off the lights will be stuck in my head.
( I need to bust that Joie dress out again soon!)

Things I Love: So I don't Plan on Stopping at All

I wasn't feeling well today so it was nice to receive a really sweet package from DorOthy from Dot in a Box. Dorothy is sponsoring the current Amber's Notebook giveaway . When Dorothy contacted me I knew I had to purchase something from her shop. I had originally planned on purchasing her Forever necklace as a gift but I may just have to keep it for myself. Dorothy was so sweet to also include some of her vintage hair pins which I adore!! Thanks again Dorothy!
It is so fun to receive packages from so far away.
And a sweet note from Dorothy!
For a chance to win one of Dorothy pieces click here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look of The Day: The Puffy Shirt

Yes, yes. This pirate trend that she's come up with, Jerry, this-this is gonna be the new look for the 90's. You're gonna be the first pirate!
Every once in awhile I will come across a piece of clothing that has something that just stands out to me, I would say this Marc Jacobs puffy sleeve shirt fits that bill. When I wear it I feel like a cross between Laura Ingles and Jerry Seinfeld rocking the puffy pirate shirt. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this top but I feel like it is one of those pieces most people would pass over or pick up and think wow those sleeves are puffy. And I think that is exactly why I love this top, or maybe it's because I just use just about any excuse to reference Seinfeld.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2009 top, Jbrand The Doll jeans.
Copy Cat style??
Any other Seinfeld fanatics out there?