Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look of the (morning): I would not like them here or there.

h a p p y. s t. p a t t y' s. d a y
My St. Patrick's Days will be accessorized like this:
But it all started looking like this:
While drinking this:
and packed with a lunch full of this:
Here's to a day full of green, greens and Irish luck!!


  1. FUN! Love those bracelets!

  2. Love the headband! and no I would not like Green Eggs and Ham....

  3. happy st patricks day to you! i could go for some green beer :)

  4. I like your healthy take on St. Patrick's day drinking :)

  5. Impressive dedication to the green! Especially that drink... it looks disturbingly like the hangover remedy that many folks (ok,maybe me) will need tomorrow morning ;-)

  6. Love the green smoothie and green foods! You go girl!

  7. HOORAY! I LOVE St. Patrick's Day! I think I will need to post my entry today with a guiness from the bar. 5pm can not come soon enough.

    I wish I had cute little rings like that to accessorize with today :)

  8. Happy St. Patricks Day! You're looking cute and comfy today. That green drink is the closest I'll get to drinking anything tonight. No drinking on the job!

  9. love all your green stuff. i'm wearing all white today.

  10. I was thinking that my day has been pretty devoid of green, but I did eat some spinach this morning. Screw clothes, my green is on the inside!

  11. Ehayes! Yay you got it =) And thanks the headband is F21.

    heatherclarck-st pattys day in the city is always a good time.

    LOL Shayna! Have fun tonight!

    Thanks Cassie! those were my Pj's I'll be back with what i really wore later today

    Thanks Lynn!

    LOl Lauren!!

    Thanks peggy!

    Lc- Sounds pretty nice!

    Lol glad you ladies enjoyed some of my random greeness. I just love holidays big or small. Hope you all had a great day , celebrating or not!

  12. LoL! What a cute green day! I almost forgot it was St. Patty´s Day while I´m on vacay. Sad I won´t get a green drink - maybe a sprite will have to do. :)

    xx Vivian @

  13. You did way better with your green than I did today!

  14. cool post every thing looks like green

  15. Thanks diamonds and tulle!! have a great vacation!

    LOL Kristen, I LOVE to go al out.

    thanks coolboy that was the attempt =)

  16. Hope your St. Patty's was awesome! I absolutely love that Green Shake from TJ's! Happy weekend!