Sunday, October 31, 2010

DIY: I Should Have left My Phone at Home, Cuz This is a Diaster! {Lady Gaga DIY Costume}

I love a holiday that requires costumes and who doesn't love the candy? Plus the Giants are on so it's a win/win situation all the way around. When I saw this outfit in the Lady Gaga/Beyonce Telephone video I had to recreate. And I think I did pretty good job. Did I mention I only spent about $15?
Lady Gaga Telephone Headpiece
Lady AmAm
<span class=
<span class=
$1.00 Gloves
<span class=
Wax Paper and Contact Paper for the Dress.
<span class=<span class=
$2 Salvation Army Phone wrapped and Glue Gunned with a $4 Halloween store wig.
<span class=
Ta da!
My Lady Gaga Telephone hat costume
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY: Stunning With my Love Glue Gunning {Lady Gaga DIY Costume}

Last Halloween I made a last minute DIY Lady Gaga costume so this year I knew I had to do the same. Her outfits are out there and ridiculous it's hard for me not to want to attempt to make them. This costume cost under $15 to make and took only about a half hour to put together So if you're looking for something to wear to those parties tonight this is a quick and easy costume.
I for one will be wearing Giants gear tonight.
Necessary items for multiple Lady Gaga costumes:
Inspiration: Cigarette Glasses from the Telephone Video.
First turn on some Lady Gaga tunes to pump you up.
Materials needed:
Sunglasses (the flatter the better), Glue gun, 3 packs of fake cigarettes.
Start glue gunning.

Add a $10 Halloween Chain, Leggings and Tube Top.
Gaga ooh la la

Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I Love: Nine Zip

I've been to a lot of baseball games. I've been to big games before. I was there when Barry Bonds hit his 700th home run. I was at the Oakland A's 20th consecutive win in 2002. I was there for Giant's vs. Marlins Game Two in the 2003 playoff game. And I was there when the Giants clinched the 2010 playoffs. But no game compares to last night's 9-0 World Series victory over the Texas Rangers. The energy, the cheering the excitement was like nothing I have ever seen.

Matt Cain continued to show his talent of keeping teams from scoring.
The beard prevailed.
And the Giants showed the Rangers that they're not messing around.
How about that National Media?
And I was there, orange hair and all.
McCovey Cove was bumping!
The Park was buzzing.
The press was there, maybe they take the band misfits seriously now... nah we love the underdog roll.
The most interesting bull pin in baseball.
You better fear those beards!
Apparently dreams do come true!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I love: Not by the Hair on His Chiny, Chin, Chin

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, baseball has all but taken over my life. And tonight (thanks to my amazing husband) I am going to my very first World Series Game ever and I couldn't be more excited! I am currently gearing up in outfit {costume perhaps} to root, root for my home team.

To make things even more exciting my long time online Texan friend, Lindsey of HipLip, wagered a bet with me. The fan of losing team will send the a basket of Texas/San Fran goodies to the other. So put your claws down and panda hats on and let's do this thing!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party: Tricks, Treats and Eats

Pumpkin PANDA-Monium 2010 Menu:
Martha Stewart's Decomposed Salad
Amber's Butternut Swamp Soup
Andi and Mom's Spidey Webbies
Dad's Deviled Eggs
Rena's Black Widow Potato Bites
Jen's Pumpkin Muffins
Vanessa's Moldy Gucamole
Sue and Besty's
Fall Festive Fruits and Cheese {zombie} Plate

Bloody Marys
Blood Orange Mimosas
{both offered in Virgin Varieties as well}
Pumpkin Lager
Apple Cider

Olga & Olga
Mud Pie and Key Slime Pie

Martha's Decomposed Salad
A keeper for sure!
Amber's Butternut Swamp Soup
Mom and Andi's Spidey Webbies
Ghoulish Chips and Salsa from Whole Foods.
Dad's Deviled Eggs
Rena's Black Widow Potato {Caviar} Bites
Jen's Pumpkin Cupcakes
What is on you Halloween menu? I love new ideas!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party: Pumpkin PANDA-Monium 2010

This is a big week for me. Not only is Halloween quickly approaching, my beloved Giants have made it back to the World Series after 8 years of struggles. I pretty much expect this week to be a straight up party and celebration. And we kicked off the week with our big win and my Pumpkin Party.
This week I plan on sharing my all my Halloween ideas. From my menu, decorations, costumes to pumpkins, this week is all about celebrating! I just love a holiday that involves costume changes.

Here are a few of my from this year's pumpkin Party otherwise known as:
Pumpkin PANDA-Monium 2010.
Casey's Mom Shelia brought over th adorable little glitter pumpkin she made,
I thought she bought it!
Annie brought over wine that she put cool labels on. Such a fun addition!
Menus, Costumes, and pumpkins to come.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

GIVEAWAY: $100 to Shopbop Winner

Picture 4
Long time and loyal reader Lynn from the Actor's Diet!
Lynn blogged about the giveaway, became a follower on Twitter, Facebook and Google reader and she tweeted about the Giveaway!
Thank you Lynn!! All your entries paid off!
Picture 6
Lynn mentioned that she would like to purchase some Jeggings.
Congratulations Lynn!
Picture 2
Thank you to everyone who entered the GIVEAWAY! I was blown away by the number of entries (close to 400!!!)
And thank you to all my old and new readers!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I love: Mad Hatter

One accesory you will be seeing me wear a lot this season is hats. I just love the dramatic effect they give any outfit. I have always been a fan of hats, but it seems to becoming a bit of an obsession these days.
Here are some of my recent hat acquisitions:
And recommendations on storing hats?
Mine currently live on top of my piano.
From the back to front
Forever 21 oversized Fedora in black
Forever 21 Floppy Hat in Wine and Black
Forever 21 Clouche Hat {similar with bow here}
Urban Outfitters Cream Clouche Hat with Jewel {Similar in Grey here}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look of the Day: Just a Loyal Fan

Tryin' to do the best I can
But these last three or four years have made it hard
But I had faith and I had hope
And thankfully the Padres choked
Either that or maybe it was the Rally Thong
Let's go Giants
NL West Division Champions
Feels good but we ain't stopping here
The playoff fever's giving me the chills
Lyrics from ASHKON's Don't stop Believing

Things I love: Ebates and Guest Blogging

Check out my guest post today on the eBates blog.
I give my tips on wearing animal prints, kitten heels and mixing prints.

And if you're not already a member, you must JOIN! I have been a member for 4 years and have earned over $750 in cash back.
And also remember today is the last day to enter my $100 Shopbop gift certificate GIVEAWAY!

Look of the Day: Purple haze

Yesterday I wore purple.
"I am wearing purple in honor of those who have taken their lives and had their lives taken due to bullies and lack of tolerance."

When one of my best friend's, Mandy, came out after high school it did it change how I felt about her. She was still Mandy. My oldest and dearest friend. Nothing else mattered, and nothing about our friendship changed.

I'm so glad Mandy had a group of friends that supported her and didn't judge her. Unfortunately not all people have a support group, or have friends they can turn to. And as a young adult that can be very hard, especially if people are bullying you.

So yesterday I wore purple in Mandy's honor and in honor of the young people who took their own lives after being bullied. I hope one day people will not be bullied. And I hope one day Mandy can have all the same rights and opportunities I do.
It was so nice to see so may young people wearing purple yesterday.
I hope days like today continue to bring awareness.
JBrand Jeans, Nordstrom Cardigan, Janelle Haskin Turban from Etsy.
Did you wear purple yesterday?