Monday, November 30, 2009

Look of the Day: Raw Reworking

I whittled away at my finishing touches today and I made a lot of progression. I am so lucky that my partner is a English Major, she did some AMAZING editing for me! I need to get her flowers or something to thank her. I took a break from my work for a quick and healthy lunch with my best friend Vanessa. We recently stumbled across a Raw Food Resturaunt, Planet Raw tucked away in a random shopping center and were very excited to check it out. Plus I needed some BRAIN food to fuel me, and it sure did the trick!

The Menu was amazing, we had a hard time picking our meal but everything we did choose was amazing! We plan on going back next week to try all new things. It was fun going with V because she is new to Raw foods and was ohhing and ahhing over everything, and shocked that NOTHING was cooked!

The amazing menu, filled with fresh, raw and organic choices.

We started our meal with Jalapeno Poppers. Not your average happy hour fare, these were fresh and stuffed with the creamiest cashew "cheese" and the Guac was out of this world! I had 2 pieces, half my flax chip and all of my guac.

We then split the Thai Soup, which was SOO good. It had some sort mushrooms in it that were very flavorful.
We took a break from food for some "blood". I need to figure how to make this at home on with my juicer! We sucked this down and V couldn't believe there was no added sugar.

We were pretty full by this point but we each tried one of the "Toasted Eel Sushi"rolls. It tasted like REAL sushi!! Again, it was amazing! We each took 3 rolls home.
And because I thought it was pertinent that Vanessa try a Raw dessert we ordered one to go (which I just enjoyed tonight). It was a Chocolate mousse atop a chocolate "cookie". In other words, whipped avocado and cashews with some agave and cacao. WOW! We got our $6 worth on that dish for sure. THANK YOU PLanet RAW! We plan to go back next week, with our containers in hand to be refilled!

Dinner was an (almost) Raw inspired meal. Cucumber slices, avacado, carrot sprigs and a dollap of Sriracha (the non raw element) and a sprinkle of Cayenne. YUM! Then I quickly polished off my chocolate mousse.

I was able to feel satisfied and cleanse today. Not much in the fashion department today, too focused on work. I just re-rocked a version of this outfit, this cardi and boots sure are making the rounds!

Opinions please?

Don't you think this would be a fabulous way to congratulate myself on completing my Masters?
Plugging away and am excited to present my Thesis on Wednesday! Ok I admit it, I use every excuse in the book to buy myself a new dress.

Monday Morning Detox

After the long Holiday weekend and lots of indulging I decided it was time for a mini detox. I will be eating lots of raw vegetables and fruits today and hitting up the gym to insure I shed some toxins. This morning I started off the day with some nice and healthy liquids. Here are my morning sips, no Holiday Starbucks Brews here.
I started my morning by sipping on young Thai coconut milk.
When my stomach started rumbling I juiced up a meal in a glass. In the mix: Spinach, Romaine, Cucumber, Carrot and an Orange. I also threw in the meat from my Coconut.
Sure is mighty filling! It kind of makes me a bit nauseous when I pound it but I feel so much better after drinking it.
Now I plugging away at tying up all the last mintue strings on my Thesis and research project while sipping on some hot Kombucha Green Tea.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look of the Day: 3 Strikes and You're Out

Thanksgiving weekend is fun because lots of good friends come into town and it's a great time to catch up. Yesterday we met some friends for a good old bowling match. I am not the best bowler but I sure am competitive! We had fun throwing some strikes and dancing to some rocking tunes.

A great way to ruin any outfit.
Strike One!
Strike Two!
You're outta here! Actually we Brought down the house with our Turkeys!
My look of the day, obviously I had not known bowling was in my future.
And a sneak peak to my Christmas tree that will reside in my girly craft room!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap Part III: G'ma knows best

My Gma is the coolest. Gma, also known as Olga, lived in Prague until my Mom was 13, and I only I had a cool accent like hers. I learned from her that you should always wear heels, big funky rings and to always rock leopard print. She also knows you can never be too blonde because they always have more fun! She has the best style and I have learned so much from her. She's 8o and wears 7 for all Mankind jeans, not because they are trendy because she came across them at Nordstrom and liked them! Plus she can pull them off. Thanks Gma for all you have taught me! Between all our outfits and my Mom's fabulous decorating, we had a very stylish Thanksgiving.

My fashion style icon.
My mom's gorgeous decorations.
I loved the gorgeous table setting. Hella cool mom! Yup I'm from NorCal and say Hella.
I told you I don't have a cool accent I just talk like a Valley girl.

My look of the day. It was a gorgeous top, not the most photogenic shirt, I looked rather large in some of the pictures but it was very pretty in person. I guess it was a good top to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!
My feather/flower hairpin. Rocking my COH AVA jeans, Free People sweater from Nordstrom, Steven by Steve Madden Boots, H&M hair pin and my Rebel Canon ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap Part II: Turkey Free Works For me

This post is Honor of my Mom who worked so very hard to please everyone yesterday. THANK YOU!! I was dead set on a Turkey Free Thanksgiving celebration at my house but I started to get overwhelmed with my Thesis and all so my mom took over the planning and went above and beyond to provide a fabulous Turkey free Vegetarian dinner for me. I couldn't have been happier! I didn't miss turkey one bit and I was quite happy and full after my turkey free meal.

Asparagus no oil or butter needed, it was steamed to perfection!

Fabulous pear, walnut and avocado salad! Again no dressing needed!

Warm Iacopi brussels sprout salad with local chestnuts, roasted shallots, and Sparrow Lane cider vinegar. Ah-MAazing!

Apple and Celery vegan stuffing.

My veggie filled plate! With a side of potatoes and cranberry sauce which replaced my gravy.
Thank you Mom!!
Our wine accompaniment. Thank you Rena!

My wine with cranberry floaters, only used to distinguish my glass.
My sister made creme brulee, I didn't have any but it looked amazing! Go sis!
And I had to take a picture of some of my mom's vintage Pyrex for Linda!

Thanksgiving Recap Part I: Get Your Game on

The holidays are a such a fun time to kick back and spend time with your family. If your family is competitive like mine I'm sure you enjoy some good quality game time as well. Yesterday we rocked out holiday Trivia, Bingo, Connect Four, Liars Dice among other games. Of course prizes are lotto tickets, which only means more opportunities to win!
I hope you Holiday was as fun filled as mine!

Bingo, You know I won big! Check out those prizes!
Liars dice is always a great game to get break out your Pa-Pa Poker face....
Other random games filled our night with lots of winners and inevitably losers.We also spent our Thanksgiving making cat toys out of pipe cleaners. Of course this in it's self became a competition as well.

My sister's new kitty thought they were all winners!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Splendor

Tomorrow marks a great day to reflect on everything you have to be thankful for in you life. I am loving how at the end of every post this month Chelsea has been adding a Gratitude piece noting one thing she is thankful for everyday. Maybe I should make a list as well. Not only does tomorrow mark a day of reflection and gratitude, it means (to me) that is the begining of the Holiday season (hey at least I'm better then Macys' and wait till after Thanksgiving and Halloween!) On Friday I will start to pack up my fall decor and head to the Christmas tree lot and begin decking the halls. As much as I love Chrismas and it it's cherry decoration I will miss fall's pumpkins, gourds and flowers. So today I am embracing all things fall and enjoying them while they are still around.

My gourds are enjoying their last days of being the center of attention.
My gorgeous gerbers and sunflowers will soon be replaced by holly and posinsetta's.
Fall Farmers Markets finds are some of my favorite, at least some of these guys will be around a little longer.
Vitamin C is in full force in fall and winter, Mother nature knows we need to stock up on this time of year. My lemon tree is in full bloom! If anyone has lemon recipes, send them over!
I'm sure I will be back tonight with a look of the day post. The Night before Thanksgiving serves as the unoffical High School Reunion at the local bar scene. Although I will not partake in bar hopping I may meet up with some friends coming into to town before they hit up the bar debauchery.

I hope everyone has safe travels and a wonderful Holiday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look of the Day: I couldn't wait any longer!

When my Walter boyfriend blazer ASO Whitney from The City showed up I knew I had to put it into action right away! I plan to wear a copy cat outfit of how Whitney rocked it. But for now here is how I styled it. The plaid carried the outfit on it own, I just added a flower hair band and a chunky bracelet (not pictured) to spice it up. I can't wait to wear this again with contrasting pattens, the way Whitney wore hers.
On Whitney:

Worn buttoned,
and Unbuttoned.
I hope everyone has been having a great Thanksgiving week! I have been SUPER busy.....more on that later ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Look of the Day: Winter White

Alright well it's not quite winter yet but we all know the White after Labor Day fashion "rule". After my Sound of Music post the Bagfashionista mentioned her favorite musical was My Fair Lady, which immediately got me in the mood to watch it. My Fair Lady was another one of my childhood favorites and it also served as my first introduction to the Iconic Audrey Hepburn. Throughout the movie Audrey rocks some amazing white dresses, proving white shouldn't just be reserved for brides and the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Today I rocked my winter white in an amazingly perfect unstructured blazer. Hepburn once again proved her classic style is timeless.

Hepburn in her wonderful whites:

The blazer is by Hinge from Nordstrom but I do not see it online.