Thursday, November 12, 2009


My craft room is really coming along. I would still like a chandelier, a nice rug, a small book shelf and some prints for the wall. I also have a craft organizer that needs to be mounted and filled. Some Piano lessons from my SIL would be nice as well!

And since I need crafts to work on in here (and because I got a few emails) I am going to hold a small contest for a Twilight shirt, like the one I made for myself. The shirts at Forever 21 come in sizes small, medium and large so if you win you can email me your size and I will make the shirt in whatever size you need. To enter leave a comment about something you create.* Maybe you are quite the cook, baker, gardener, crafter or Knitter. I'm sure my Husband would tell you I'm quite a great mess creator. Just let me know what you love to create. Post a comment before Sunday at 10 am Pacific time and you are good to go. I will pick a winner Sunday morning using a random generator morning.Then I will make the shirt and send it out Monday morning, so it can get to you before the Twilight Opening on Friday. Can't wait to see what you all love to create!
*Open to US Residents only

I am wearing a size small.


  1. You crack me up!!lately I create red headed babys but seeing as I'm a musician I create music as well

  2. These shirts are great! I like to think I create wonderful Friday night dinners for my roommates and my friends each week :)

  3. I love your room! Hardwood floors always make everything gorgeous in my opinion. Beautiful piano -- I used to play, but can't even remember the last time I touched one.

  4. LOVE the t-shirts! :)

    I love to cook, so I create meals. But I've been trying to get better at baking and recently created an awesome loaf of Challah!

  5. I love creating scrapbooks for friends and family. I like to give scrapbooks out at birthdays and Holidays. I've taken so many pics over the years and it's nice to give back memories!

  6. awww, what a cool idea!! I would say I create a meaningful place for memories...i love to take pictures then scrapbook them for friends and family :-)


  7. I like baking fancy cakes that take days to create. Next up... two Thanksgiving cakes (one for work and one for family). I am getting practice in for my sister's baby shower cake in the spring!

  8. i LOVE your craft room! i have to stuff my "junk" in a tiny closet in the study

    and i'm fascinated with twilight now - i love all the books - waiting for the 1st one to come out on dvd

    (vampire diaries is painful for me though)

    for me and crafts - i'm trying to do (learn) it all - sewing, baking, cooking, home improvement ... i'm trying to be supermom! lol!

  9. This one's a unique one! I love coupons and sales so I create deals!!

    I also love to cook and bake and my favorite thing is creating recipes from different ingredients like they do on Iron Chef! :)

  10. Awesome shirt!
    Love cooking moroccan food and writing creatively.

  11. My thing is yogurt. I like to make frozen yogurts. It's probably one of the foods I make at home consistently and well. I'm going to embark on making homemade organic yogurts once I have more time.

    I also thought you might like this shop for poster suggestions from the folks at Keep Calm:

  12. I love baking...anything and everything and I am reallly looking forward to experimenting with new recipes to create some great holiday yumminess.

  13. What a cute shirt! I took some graduate classes in writing . . . and I really love to create memoirs filled with beautiful language! Nothing like reading something that is beautifully written -- take Twilight, for example! :)

  14. Your wish list at the beginning sounds like mine! I would LOVE a chandelier and I am constantly trying to think of creative (read: cheap) ways to decorate.

    I create all sorts of things: Jewelry, glass beads, oil paintings, sketches, decoupaged ANYTHING, pocketbooks...And I LOVE to create new recipes- I've come up with some interesting combinations, that's for sure. If your husband thinks you're messy, one look at my place and he'll be thankful for yours ;)

    Love this shirt!!!

  15. I didn't know you weremarried! I make a lot of food :)

  16. I love to cook and bake. I normally take a recipe I think looks yummy and then add in stuff I like.

    My daughter, her friends and all of us moms have tickets for the midnight showing of 'New Moon'. I would love to have this to wear!

  17. I bake, so I create yummy food! I love Twilight and my 15th birthday is on Tuesday, so winning this shirt would be awesome! Also, I absolutely love your style, I have stolen some looks from you and have gotten so many compliments! Will you post some instructions on how to make that faux pearl necklace from Lanvin? Thank you!

  18. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I love creating new scrapbook pages! A few years ago my aunt bought each of my sisters and I a really nice scrapbook and ever since then I've been creating pages for holidays, family, friends, event, the list goes on!

  19. Yes, I create pretty awesome babies. Well, one so far. Also, I do love to "recreate" kid furniture with old leftover furniture.

  20. I'm a college student, so any non-mirowaveable meals I create are miracles!

    Cute shirt! I just started reading Twilight but I'll definitely be going to see the movie!!

  21. Well you know me. I think the stuff I like to craft the most would be papercrafting! Although I dont get to do nearly as much of it as I'd like. Your room looks great, come on up for a free piano lesson! Make sure all that stuff on top of the piano doesn't vibrate when you play :)

  22. Sade- LOL!! Love that you make red headed babies!!! Mason rocks!

    Maura- Umm sounds fab< I love Friday Night Friend get-togethers!

    thanks Bridges and Bites! I can't play much either these days! i 'lost" my talent!

    thank you christin_marie! Challah!!

    Nicci@NiftyEats I love giving back memories as well!! Those are the BEST presents!

    Rae I love creating meaningful memories as well, the holidays are the perfect time for hat aren't they??

    Rachel I will be checking your blog for you thanksgiving cakes!!

    bagfashionista I have been loving you crafts on your blog!!

    Stephanie omg how cool I LOVE Iron Chef!! boob Flay and Cat Cora are my faves!

    octopusgourmet-You win for most creative name!! I need to check out your blog!!

    Linda - one scoop at a time-wow home made yogurt sound amazing!!! WOW! I would love to sample one!

    Lacey -I can't wait for holiday cooking and baking either!!

    wow Tammy (Defining Wellness) I would love to read you writing what a beautiful thing to create!!

    colorhungry wow!! I love the craft you create, counds like you are quite the creator!!

    maggie LOL! YUP! 3 years and counting!

    mary-hope you and your daughter have FUN!!

    happy birthday and congrats caroline hufford!!!

    You are welcome Laura E! Thanks for reading! I would love to see you scapr booking!

    lol Jacki!! I loved the Halloween costume you "created" and i agree Jordyn is a pretty awesome creation!!

    Susan- Your DIY of miracles was my FAVORITE response! That was awesome!

    LOL R if I ever played the thing I would be worried about what was on top!!