Monday, November 16, 2009

RAVE: Faded Plains

I was happy very to come home and find my package from Faded Plains waiting for me on my door step. Once again everything was a adorable! Thanks Andrea! I definitely will be placing another order some time soon.

Burlap Stocking, I think this will be hung in my craft room. As well as some darling tags for Christmas gifts
Burlap pillow for my reading chair. I have a print I need to hang over the chair that will go perfectly with this!
Vintage champagne bucket filled with paper goods for crafting.
Just like last time Andrea included a thank you package with my order.
How sweet is this? Andrea's customer service and attention to details is amazing!
Pennie really likes this pillow and chair.
In other news, it was cold enough today that I had to throw on a jacket before stepping outside the house. The first coat appearance this season!


  1. Shut up! I want all that stuff! Love the coat. Pennie is getting big! Can't wait to see ya soon!

  2. I don't know what's it like in Walnut Creek but I wish San Jose would get a tad cooler and cloudier. Even if it's cool out, the bright sunshine makes wearing coats unnecessary in the mid-day.

    PS - Those were really cool candid pics from China. You and the hubs look like you were having tons of fun.

  3. Love the pillow! and the pics of Pennie!

    Who is your jacket by?

  4. I love that pillow! Where is your coat from? I love it!

  5. Thanks girls! The coat is from F21, but it is old. It was from a few years ago...bummer!

    Linda it's totally the same way, weather wise here.

  6. That stuff is too cute! There's a similar coat to that at Target right now. I thought for sure that's what you were going to say it was-super cute! My Target actually has some really cute stuff right now.

  7. This makes me miss my kitty cat :( She's so cute!

  8. good to know Chelsea! Thanks!

    aww how sad LC you had to leave your kitty?

  9. You look so cute!
    I am going to check out that website right now! Love everything you got!

  10. Penni looks so cute...and I'm so lovin' that coat. I'm happy you liked your package too!

  11. Didn't I buy you the coat? I hope so-I'd be so exicted to get you something that made it on Amber's Notebook! :)