Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shopped till I dropped

Alrighty I am back from the sale. I didn't really find many Christmas gifts but I got Birthday gifts for two of my very best friends who have Birthdays this week. And I earned two pre-screening passes to see Twilight (Jackie if you were in Cali I would take you!) . I guess that means I have to finish that book soon! I also picked up a couple tops for myself and found an Elizabeth and James knockoff School boy shirt.

Presents and Passes. They came with special VIP Lanyards. LOL
Sale tops for myself. The Joie one looks like the one I was On the Hunt for and missed out on at the Planet Blue sale. The blue Robert Rodriguez one reminds me of my Robert Rodriguez dress I purchased on clearance last winter, but the color of this top makes my eyes pop.
Dress (and picture) from last year, The top has a similar fit to this dress.
I was waiting for this to happen, actually it took longer then I expected. An Elizabeth and James School boy copy cat shirt, one of my all time favorite tops. This copy cat style costs a mere $34.00, the only color online is this one which is copy of this E&J style.
Tips for shopping at Nordstrom:
-Utilize their customer service. I got one of the presents I purchased for a steal because the price was marked wrong. They also have great price matching, price adjustments and a no questioned asked return policy. All three of which I utilize regularly.
- When shopping online at Nordstrom use ebates to get cash back. Right now you can earn 5% back on purchases. I will sometimes find items in store and then go home and purchase online so I get cash back. I have free shipping because of my Mod card so that works out better for me to order online.
-Get a Mod card. A Mod card gives you all the benefits of a credit card without being a credit card. It is synced with my Debit card so it has no interest, no payments, no fees etc. But I get the benefits of free shipping, rewards points, advanced sale notice and so on.


  1. Such cute stuff. I love the E&J-esqe shirt. What shoes are you wearing in the photo -- they look amazing.

  2. You crack me up with your little old ladies analogy. But it's probably true that there aren't many 20-somethings rushing through the opening doors for the big sale on a weekday.

    Did you notice any boots on sale?

  3. PS - where did you get the tortoise style headbands for the feather? This could be the best cost-saving tip I've seen all year!

    I was at a bridal show recently and similar styles of feathery head pieces were selling for $125+. Not kidding.

  4. karen they aren't anything special! LOL! They are last year's Report signature Ellis.

    Linda, yes there were lots of boots on sale! And for the headbands, they are from CVS (previously longs). Wow $125! you need to reecreate this look!

  5. I wish they had those shirts online other than in the dip dye plaid. :( I want a plain one!

  6. J I bet they will pop up soon! The girl said they just put them out.

  7. ^Good to know! I will definitely be purchasing one if they pop up online.

  8. Two words... So jealous. Oh yeah and Thank You!