Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look of the Day: Lessons Learned

I am a HUGE musical fan, The Sound of Music being my all time favorite musical. When my sister and I were younger we would watch the movie every morning during the summer. About 5 times this week Recently, I have been watching the movie again. While watching Julie Andrews rock it out I realized that I had learned quite a few life lessons from Fraulein Maria. The number one lesson learned was never to answer to a whistle! But that was not the only lesson learned, I also learned the following...

Singing (or blogging) about your favorite things CAN change your mood!
Do-Re-Mi are the correct notes to sing, regardless of what my tone deaf ear hears.
Farmers markets are a must!
Auf Wiedersehen means goodbye in German.
Never look at something as it is, but rather look at it's potential of what it can be. Very important in DIY crafts!
And my Sunday look of the day.
H&M tunic, Nightcap leggings with attached skirt, Ash foldover boots and once again my "Lanvin" necklace!

Lanvin DIY instructions:
refer to pics
String beads and pearls in a random fashion.
Once necklace is threaded to the desired length, pin lace over necklace. (refer to pic)
Stitch lace as close as possible to the beads, pinch the lace over beads to help. (refer to pic)
Leave 2 inches of lace on each side of the ends of necklace.
When necklace is covered with lace, stitch the 2 inch lace ends to ribbon ends.
Once stitched, knot to secure and secure necklace at the back of the neck with a pretty bow.

--I finally responded to everyone's creation posts in the giveaway thread! Thanks again for entering!! I loved all the creation responses!!


  1. Amber! That's so crazy! That's my favorite too! And I was just thinking the other day that it's about time I watched it again. Too funny. I too, learned many things from Maria. Like when the sun goes to bed, so must I. Or when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. Or when I my finger hurts (among other things) it helps to sing (or blog) about my favorite things! (I might have to steal this blog idea!LOL)

  2. Love it!! Marie was quite wise, can't wait to read your post on it =)

  3. i think my fave musical is My Fair Lady - Love audrey.

    And I LOVE That necklace!!

  4. I love My Fair Lady!! The outfits in that movie are amazing! I may have to watch that this week! Thanks!

  5. "sound of music" has always been one of my faves - i even played maria in my high school production! a few years ago i got the chance to meet julie andrews too....i coulda died....

  6. Ok Sound of Music raised me! Seriously, ask my mom. I watched it everyday from 3-5 years old.

  7. LOL! We watched that movies hundreds of times!
    Cute scenes!