Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look of the Day: Skeletons in My Closet

Mine are just happen to be worn proudly on sequin dresses, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I know this Rodarte Skeleton dress was definitely one of those pieces you either HATED (most of you) or by chance you are a freak like me and loved. I remember Justine saying it was too hideous to even try on! Hehe!!It is not the most versatile dress, or the most wanted dress, but I for one adored it! A skeleton dress? In sequins!? At a Target priceline!? YES PLEASE! The freaks come out at night...or when Rodarte teams up with Target I come out.

Paired with my American Eagle Chambray denim top. LOVE!! The Look 4 less and Beach Black have both featured this top.
And just showing off it's awesomeness

Okay did anyone else have serious blogger problems this weekend?? I couldn't sign one,make comments, had posts eaten and just problems all around... anyone else dealt with that!??

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Icon: Tribute To a Lengend

I love this picture of these lovely ladies {Kate Moss, Annabelle Nielson and Naomi Campbell} in the late Alexander McQueen's fabulous designs. He will be missed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look of the Day: Blame It on the Oh Oh Olympics.

Well I haven't really worn clothes beyond my pajamas's for the past few days but I finally uploaded my outfit from my Tuesday Oufit, and I am very excited to be back to be somewhat back to normal tomorrow.

H&M tunic (similar Forever 21 one here), Ash Olivia Boots (Similar here and a look alike for only $45 here),target leggings and cuff (similar F21 one here)
And my look of the today for today was nothing to be photographed since my day was spent mostly like this:
Catching up on Vogue
Watching Morning shows, followed by lots of napping.
I drank lost of this:
And after not eating for over 24 hours I had a very unlike me craving..
I blame it on all those McDonald's Olympic commercials that I have been watching!!

Style Inspiration: Mixed Media

Last week I posted about being excited about the mixed prints trend. Here are some images I have saved that I plan to use as inspiration for some of my outfits this spring.
Image scans from Harpers Bazzar Spread:
Image scan from Harpers Bazaar February 2010
Image scan from Harpers Bazaar February 2010

Image scan from Harpers Bazaar February 2010
Images from Shopbop's Trend Report on Mixed patterns.
Image from
Image from

I am loving the Rebecca Taylor tunic,
and Belle By Sigerson Morrison Crisscross Straps from this spread.
Image from
I can't wait to copy some of these looks! In Fact I can't wait to wear clothes at all, I am still couching it up today. At least I am able to sit up and get on my computer today!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flowers of the Week: Little Miss Sunshine

The flowers not me....I have been up all night with a stomach flu or something. You'd think I was a 21 year old the day after their birthday or something, only I'm sure they had some fun before they started throwing up. Hopefully I'll be back later.. uggh.

I picked up this Sunshine Bouquet from trader Joes and I just loved it! It felt like spring and brightened my room right up. Flowers make me so happy. I just love them.
And my lone gerbera.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Want of The Week: Stappy Sandals

I am still contemplating what spring shoes I want to purchase, such a fun decision. I love chunky fun sandals, but I always try to purchase shoes I know I can wear as much as possible. I have been seeing lots of shoes that I am saving on my wish list and most of them are strappy. Here are some of the shoes I am eying for spring and summer.

click for link

click for link

click for link

click for link

click for link

click for link
click for link

click for link

Monday, February 22, 2010

Look of the Day: Our Whole Universe Was in a Hot Dense State

Sometimes outfits are just good enough enough to repeat, and this one I loved so I repeated it today. The cool thing about this outfit is when I wear this tank again in the summer it will look a bit different, but by utilizing the cool collar it has I am able to let the wow factor shine, even when most of the tank is covered up. I am pretty much obsessed with pieces with a "big bang" factor (BTW The Big Bang is a pretty sweet show). Take my Anthro "party in The Back" cardigan (ok Kim, I KNOW that is not the correct name but I am sure whatever name it has it CANNOT be better then Party in the Back). I just love the effect that back has, it totally makes it and the collar on this tank makes it. It's all about that big bang!

The big bow had me feeling a little Lady Gaga, well I use any excuse to feel a bit Lady Gaga, even if it means losing my keys. Wait, where is my phone??
Under my cardigan I wore a ruffle tank from the White Dress shop, which of course is sold out, but a similar one is available and this ruffle neck cardigan reminded me of a similar look .
Click here to see the last time I wore this outfit, and to see a full length shot. Pennie is just chillin, the other night she got out and was out all night. So glad we found her the next morning!

How Sick Is This?

I am loving this season's military trend, so when I saw this AMAZING Guess Jacket in a Marie Claire spread I KNEW I needed it in my life. I don't see it online yet, but when I do I think I am going to have to snag it! WOW, pretty amazing. A knock off of this Balmain jacket would be pretty sick as well. If anyone sees it anywhere, please let me know! THANK YOU!
The jacket I am loving is the one in the middles of the spread.
Image scan from Marie Claire March 2010
If anyone sees it anywhere, please let me know! THANK YOU!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look of the Day: Ambular the Hamburglar

I had a busy weekend and was away from my computer a lot again, oh I love my internet time. I am just now catching up on my blog reading and posting. Last night, however, I went out to dinner with Casey and my two best friends (V and Jen). We had quite the fun night out on the town. I don't think I have laughed that hard, or for so long, in a long time. I love my friends, we have too much fun together. V and Jen and I all have nicknames for each other, but they have about a million nicknames for me (Bambie, Bam, Bambino, Bamber, Slamber, Slam-boner, Bones, Boney ford, the list goes on..) But last night my outfit had me aptly named Ambular the Hamburglar. I guess the dress was very striped!
I am going to miss these boots when spring finally rolls around!

Urban Dress, Urban Moto Vest (similar style here) and my Chloe boots (similar here, here and here)
"Robble, Robble."
I hope your weekend was a good one!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things I love: Giving Presents

I just got Word that Nicole received her giveaway prize!! I was very excited when Nicole 's name popped up, as the winner because we have been online friends for several years now, way before either of us had blogs ;) So I knew I had to include a few extra goodies for her. Pennie sent something for boots as well.
I just love wrapping up things ot make others smile =)

Perhaps Nicole will share the contents on her blog.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Style Icon: White Hot

I love a guy who has better hair then me and who can't let anyone else be better them him.  BUT, Shaun White, you and your red mane amaze me, and kind of hypnotize me. I can't help but love you and your dare devilness. Shaun White rocks his carrot top locks, and owns his own style. The dude exudes confidence. ROck on! I look forward to seeing you and you competitive spirit supporting the USA for awhile! YOU ROCK!!

Getting pumped up with rocking the Plaid:Picture I took of my TV
His out of control hair makes him stand out. LOve it.
Image source unkown
Getting MAD air!
“What do I think of the business? I think I want in on it.”

Look of The Day: Mixmaster Mike, Get on The Mic

Mixing prints is going to be huge this spring. I plan on doing lots of print mixing but today I just dipped my toes in the waters. I mixed stripes and flowers, which is a very easy mixed pattern to do. I plan to do some bolder pattern mixing soon but I think outfit demonstrates how easy it can be to do, with much effort at all.
My cardigan is Lauren Conrad for Kohls but this one is very similar in price and style, and I could see so many things with this black and oatmeal one and in one in variety of colors here, the green and white would be perfect for spring!
My top is an urban top (here in a different color)and smilar here( which I also have in the vintage floral color)

Well, I'm A Funky Skull And I'm A Scorpio
Actually I am a Gemini...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How I shop: Always on The Hunt

I know a lot of readers liked My We the Free Ebb and FLow cardigan when I wore it so I have been keeping my eye out for it to pop back up. I adore this cardigan, it is one of those pieces you can easily throw on and still look put together. The ruffles are perfect, the back has a nice taper almost a peplum to it and it is very figure friendly. So when I saw it was back I wanted to alert you all. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and ShopBop have it in a striped version, while Singer 22 has a black non stripe version.

I may have to snag this grey version for myself. This color is is available at ShopBop.

Singer 22 has it in black, as seen on Ashley Tisdale.

And on me:
Let me know if you end up getting one =)

Look of the Day: These Boots Are Made For Wearing

It was so nice out today and all I wanted to do was wear sandals and spring stuff. But I know I only have so many days left with my boot collection, therefore I am making the most of it. It is so funny that as I am so sad of leaving my winter styles, I am being bombard by all the fabulous Fall 20101 Runway looks. Only reminding me of how much I love it, boots, jackets and layers! Ahh Spring I will love you and your boot-less season too!!
I had to use the bokeh hearts again...
These Hue Tights were a hit! Similar here.
We The Free Dress, Urban Cardigan Nine West Boots, similar here.

You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin'

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How I Shop: Anthro Sale

Now I know Antrhopologie is huge in the blog world, and just reading Kim's blog has gotten me into Anthropologie but sadly I am not an Antrhoholic. I can appreciate their gorgeous and girly dresses, adorable blouses and fantastic displays but I can only take so much Anthopolgie. It is though, one of my favorite places for work clothes, but honestly I think most every thing I have from Anthropolgie has been purchased on Sale. Yesterday when I saw on Kim's blog that they had added new sale items and since I was in the Anthro area I decided to hit up the sale. Sure I saw lots of other adorable things like this romper.This top. Or this Dress But I stuck to the sale and I found some great things that I know I will wear right away. And Anthro, I will be back in spring for some non sale items perhaps.
My Anthro sale haul:
This was the only item I saw on line but wow it is fabulous blouse!
Click to be linked
Mark downs like these make me happy! =)
I am, however, mad I did not snag this top while it was still available in my size!

Click to be linked, some sizes are still available.
Anyone else snag anything good?