Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look of the Day: Short Story

Let's talk about shorts. Some people can rock them (ahem... Chloe) and some people (like myself) shy away from them. There was even a time when I refused to wear shorts, I was not a fan. But recently I have embraced shorts and have slowly started to add a few pairs to my wardrobe. Because you know, there's nothing I love more then a no pants party. However, a lace pants party is a close second...
Forever 21 cheetah shorts (similar options here & here), LF Sheer blouse (similar) Honey Dew bralet, Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedges.
Other shorts options: here, here and here.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look of the Day: Festivus for the Rest of Us

I love festivals. Music, food, or wine, I'm there. Attending festivals gives me a chance to get free and funky, you know, my faves. I love walking around fests and checking out artisan crafts, watching the peeps and snapping pictures. And if there's music, you can betcha bottom dollar I'll be dancing. I just can't help myself. Festival outfits are fun as well. The only criteria is it has to be comfortable, and it has to have touch of funk to it.
Free Funky & Festival Fresh is how I roll.
Forever21 Hoodie, American apparel Deep V (my Fave), Jeans from LF Stores (similar).
Alex and Ani bangles, forever @1 bracelet, Cara ring from Nordstrom.
IMG_9983Beanie from Prague, just a touch of funk.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am so excited to present my readers with a fabulous fall giveaway: $100 to SHOPBOP.COM
ShopBop carries so many amazing top fashions and designers. Including Ksuibi Denim, and my fave Rag and Bone jeans.
Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 9.00.16 AM
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Things I Love: The American Dream

On Saturday I went to The City to check out the San Francisco Street Food Festival, and I had a blast. The festival was a culinary celebration where food trucks from all over the country gathered on the streets of San Francisco to showcase high-quality, artisan dishes. I enjoyed interacting with the Food Truck owners, sampling a variety of multi-cultural fare, and seeing a huge support for this new food movement. I get really stoked when people proudly share their culture and their excitement for their quality craft.
The Food Truck Movement is the result of our struggling and sluggish economy. It is an example of how creative people turned their passion into successful business ventures. Rather then paying for restaurant space, these business owners took an alternate route and utilized Food Trucks as mobile restaurants. With the burden of rent eliminated, these innovators took Food Trucks to a higher level.

The use of a Food Truck allows the business owners and chefs to interact on a personal level with their consumers. This is something that really appeals to me. I enjoy hearing about how my meal was prepared, and learning about the local farmers who provide the products. For consumers, like myself, eating out is about "more" then just, well, eating. It's about being aware of the food I eat, experiencing new exciting flavors and learning about how the dish came to be.

We spoke to a women from Malaysia who told us she "Americanized" her curry chicken by serving it in buns. Her dish was an example of how the the influence of cultures can spark innovative dishes while still celebrating tradition.
Walking around the festival reminded me of being in another country, expect I was able to experience multiple cultures. I could watch a women make plantain pupusas and next to her was a man making pulled pork sliders. The variety of dishes from empanadas (I like to refer to them as pastry parcels) to Wax Moth Larve Tacos (unfortunately the line was too long and I didn't get to sample) was pretty extreme to say the least.
Seeing people turn their passion into successes really inspires me. It's experiences like this festival that remind me the American Dream can be achieved. Food Trucks, Etsy Stores and Blogging are all up and coming avenues that allow people to share their passion, and make their dreams a reality. Those are the kind of people and businesses I love to support and celebrate.
If you live in the Bay Area a similar food festival, Eat Real (which I attended last year) is happening next month in Oakland. I'll be there, so please let me know if you will be attending as well.
And for the rest of you, I encourage you to check out Food Trucks in your area, and to support your local businesses.
If you are a small business owner please leave a link in your comment. I would love to check it out.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog Event: Google+

Yesterday I was invited by the iFabbo team to visit the San Francisco Google headquarters. The iFabbo team and I met Lisa and Inci from Blogger. Lisa and Inci moderated a webinar demonstrating how Bloggers can use Google+ to reach their readers and share content.

First of all I was super excited to check out the Google offices and let me tell you, they lived up to the hype. Photobooths, Telephone booths, a massage room and bidets were just some of the Google luxuries I saw while walking around. Second of all I was really interested in learning more about Google's new social network Google+.

Lisa and Inci explained the basics of Google+, a social network with real time public sharing features (think Twitter), and private controlled groups "Circles" that allow you to selectively share the right content with a target group of users. For example you might not want to share your Friday night shenanigans with your boss, and your friends might want to hear about the work conference you attended, or see pictures from your Grandma's 80th birthday.

The same concept works for blog content. By using Google+'s Spark option, you can also selectively share blog content with groups of people that specifically want to read your content. For example if have a fashion blog, or want to find a new fashion blog, Google+ allows you to find and share content with a sub-group of like-minded people. And the Google+ Hangout video sessions allow you to "hang out" with friends, and readers virtually. It's by far one of the coolest video chats I have experimented with.

I had a great time learning about Google+ from the Google staff, themselves. However, I'm still not totally sold on the network. I have always found that Google apps are not easy to use, or intuitive. Although I think Gmail is the best email system out there, I have yet to organize my Gmail inbox, or figure out the full potential their email gadgets. We will see where Google take their social network and what people use it for, in the meantime I 'll be playing around on Google+ to see how it works for me and my blog.

At the headquarters. Myself, Sinead iFabbo founder, Nancy from FashionCHICsta, Inci and Lisa from Google, and Sara From The Makeup Snob.
Getting Geeky.
Playing around with the Hangouts with Sinead and iFabbo memener Jen from My Beauty Bunny.
I have 10 Google+ invites to giveaway, leave a comment with your email (has to be a Gmail email) and I'll send you an invite.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look of the Day: Little Ditty

Sequins and stripes are a weakness of mine; my closet is littered with them. I like skirts too, skirts are my favorite. They are versatile, girly, lady-like and transform clothes into an 'outfit'.

This Ecote Geo Wrap skirt from Urban Outfitters is about 5 years old (I purchased it after seeing it on Lauren Conrad) and it never ceases to amaze me how I continue to reach for it in my closet. You can see how I wore it here, here, and it's first debut here. It's bright, flattering and I always get tons of compliments on it.

Classic pieces of clothing, that can be worn over and over, have changed my shopping habits. Now I stop and think "Could I really wear this five years from now?" and chances are a flattering skirt (that's not too short) will be around in five years. I've definitely got more then my money's worth on this little ditty.
Forver 21 Striped tank top (DIY sequin embellishment) DIY instructions here.
Urban Outfitters Tulip Skirt (Other great skirts here, here and here)
Target Clog Sandals (similar)
Viv & Ingrid Necklace
Ray Ban Aviators
Have fabulous Wednesday! I'll be back later today with my recap of my experience at Google yesterday and I'll have some Google+ invites! In the meantime be sure to enter my Flemings $50 Giftcard giveaway!

Monday, August 15, 2011

BEAUTY-FULL GIRLS GIVEAWAY: $50 to Fleming's Steak House

*Winner of the $50 to Fleming's is Erinn from Strawberry Swings and Things.*

Let me tell you a few things about me. I like to eat, and I like to eat out. But I'm also sort of vain and I like to stay slim. So when Fleming's asked me pay them visit and show how Beauty-Full girls survive a steak house experience, I was up for the challenge. Because you know what? I'm the kind of girl who, out of habit, orders a salad at a steak house. "Just a salad? Just a salad? Just a salad?"

I decided this trip out was going to be interesting for me, because I was determined not to order just a salad. However, the cobb salad with Lobster and vinaigrette was pretty tempting! I took my mom along with me, who also likes to eat and watches her figure.

I started my night out with a Russian Prom Queen, because the name sold me on the spot, and the blueberries & vodka sounded like a nice way to begin my night. And for 99 calories, it was right on point with my beauty-full plan. My Mom went with wine, she's classy like that.
I was off to a good start, only 99 calories and a small buzz going. I treated myself to a small piece of bread with flavored butter because, well, I was hungry. Deciding on what to order was a not easy, but surprisingly there were many options. Now, if I were a meat eater, which I'm not, I could have ordered the petite Mignon and there was a fabulous chicken breast option as well. Instead we took the seafood route.

We selected two seafood courses (the sole and the scallops) to share. We also picked two side dishes (the carrots and the green beans) to compliment our main courses. It turned out beauty-fully.
We made to sure to save room because the dessert menu was very tempting. We ordered a berry creme brulee, it was a heck of a night.
If you would like to win $50 to Fleming's (perfect for their 5 for 6 till & happy hour) leave a comment and contact information (blog link or email). And tell me who you would take to Fleming's and how you would keep your steak house trip beauty-full.*

A winner will be announced and or contacted Monday August 22nd.
*You must be a follower of Amber's Notebook via Google Friend Connect, Twitter or Facebook to qualify.

Weekend Recap: Turkish Delights

After being away the past couple of weekends, it was nice to have a low-key weekend at home. I started my Friday evening by shooting outfit pictures with the lovely Lydia Hudgens (I can't wait to share the photos with you). After the photo-shoot I went over to Vanessa's house for a Turkish cooking lesson, and helped her family prepare for her father's Turkish birthday party.

Vanessa and her Aunt showed us how to prepare Czech Chicken.
It was a boiled chicken covered with a walnut, bread and chicken broth mixture.
Party details.
On Sunday, Vanessa and I took her cousin out to lunch at Unwind.
The weather was gorgeous. We enjoyed the sun, delish snacks and we hit up the LF 60% off sale.
It was a nice weekend full of friends, family and fun.
I hope your weekend was a nice one as well.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Look of the day: Double Rainbow

Quick weeks are the best, aren't they? They're kind of radical, like a double rainbow. Well, take my word with a grain of salt, because I just got back to reality on Tuesday. In any case, I have a chill weekend (I think?) planned. Today I have booked a photog session with Miss Lydia Hudgens and tomorrow I am taking my Mom out for dinner at Flemings (last time I was there was right before I had my tonsillectomy). I'll be showing you how a Beauty-Full girls survives a Steakhouses experience. Pretty excited to keep it low key, after all my recent weekend get-a-ways. Not that I can complain about all my recent travels.
Corey Lynn Calter Dress (super cute and similar dress here).
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I Love: Photobooths

The Blogher conference provided attendee's with food (tons of it!) breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and night-time parties, and a variety of blogging sessions (ranging from how to get sponsors to making better connections with your readers). While the Expo was bubbling with excitement, sponsors and up-and-coming companies with new ideas. I had so much fun eating, learning, and chatting my way through the conference. I had the opportunity to meet with brand representatives and learn about their new lines such as Jockey's new Person to Person line. And I got to chat with the people representing new companies, like the fabulous ladies who started Booty Wrap.
Making new connections was my favorite part of the conference, oh I mean besides photobooths...
Starring myself as Samantha, Kimmi as my partner in crime, and Anne as the sane one.
Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 2.05.32 PM
Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 5.31.55 PM
I really miss those photo-booths!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogher11 Recap: Day One & Two

Yesterday I returned home after my weekend in San Diego and LA (yup LA was not part of the original plan). Blogher was kind of awesome. I came home with more swag then I thought was possible, a new-found excitement in blogging and an unexpected best friend.

I arrived in San Diego Thursday morning and my friend Annie (Confessions of a Navy Wife) picked me up at the airport. Annie lives in San Diego but we made a staycation out of the weekend. We got a room at the Gas Lamp Marriot, and our room overlooked the ball park and had a cool roof top bar, where you could watch the baseball games from.
We started off our weekend by exploring Down Town San Diego and stopped for Happy Hour at La Puerta, before heading to the iFabbo Blogher Party.

At the iFabbo party we received array of complimentary beauty treatments.IMG_6146
I enjoyed a facial by Dermelogica, a hair-do by the folks at Robert Cromeans, and I had my nails Shellaced. We also recieved goody bags from all the fabulous companies involved.
Big thanks to Sinead and BeautiSol!!
It was an awesome night, and it was the night we first met our new best friend Kimmi of Plastic Diaries.
We were pretty much inseparable once we met.
We back up the next morning for the Newbie Breakfast and got serious some of the day...
But mostly we just got silly...
Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 1.49.51 PM
I'll be back with more recaps, and shenanigans later. Missed you all, time to catch up on my blog reading.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Look of the Day: Viv & Ingrid

Last Thursday I attended Viv&Ingrid's 10 year anniversary in Berkley. It was so nice to check out their local shop and meet Viv and Ingrid; two Berkley Graduates who decided their passion was making jewelry. Their pieces were intricate, interesting and delicate, right up my ally. I left with a delicate necklace and a goody bag full of fun items (Thanks Ruby Press!). I love buying pieces from people I've actually met and I love hearing them talk about their passion and dedication to their craft. I was happy to support Viv & Ingrid (two of the sweetest ladies).

I can't tell you how many compliments I've received on the Disc Necklace I purchased. I actually haven't taken it off yet, I even wore it to the wedding I attended.

Yup, the perfect the necklace day to night with a blink!
Forever 21 Dress,
Target Clog Heels (Similar),
Tom Ford Miranda Sunglasses.
Off to San Diego! I'll be Facebooking, Tweeting, and Tumbing (and Instagraming: Ambersnotebook) along with Annie of Confessions of a Navy Wife (Oh and so will my friend Samantha, but that's another story...) so make sure to follow along.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look of the Day: Backyard BBQ

On Monday evening I attended a backyard bbq at our friend's house. It was nice to sit outside relax, laugh with good friends, and enjoy a warm summer evening eating some yummy bbq. It's the kind of low-key evening I love, and it was the perfect way to get back to reality after our amazing weekend in Tahoe.
Summer dresses are pretty much my favorite.
Urban Outfitters Dress ,
Forever 21 Necklace & Sunglasses
Wanted Nottie Wedges C/O Wanted.
I changed into flats for the backyardigan session.
This dessert was the highlight of my night. I forget the name of it but it was peaches, a caramel like sauce and puff pastry. Pretty much amazing.
I ate two, yup that amazing, and I am not even a dessert girl.
I just realized I leave for San Diego, my calendar was a day off.
Time to get packing!