Monday, August 22, 2011

Things I Love: The American Dream

On Saturday I went to The City to check out the San Francisco Street Food Festival, and I had a blast. The festival was a culinary celebration where food trucks from all over the country gathered on the streets of San Francisco to showcase high-quality, artisan dishes. I enjoyed interacting with the Food Truck owners, sampling a variety of multi-cultural fare, and seeing a huge support for this new food movement. I get really stoked when people proudly share their culture and their excitement for their quality craft.
The Food Truck Movement is the result of our struggling and sluggish economy. It is an example of how creative people turned their passion into successful business ventures. Rather then paying for restaurant space, these business owners took an alternate route and utilized Food Trucks as mobile restaurants. With the burden of rent eliminated, these innovators took Food Trucks to a higher level.

The use of a Food Truck allows the business owners and chefs to interact on a personal level with their consumers. This is something that really appeals to me. I enjoy hearing about how my meal was prepared, and learning about the local farmers who provide the products. For consumers, like myself, eating out is about "more" then just, well, eating. It's about being aware of the food I eat, experiencing new exciting flavors and learning about how the dish came to be.

We spoke to a women from Malaysia who told us she "Americanized" her curry chicken by serving it in buns. Her dish was an example of how the the influence of cultures can spark innovative dishes while still celebrating tradition.
Walking around the festival reminded me of being in another country, expect I was able to experience multiple cultures. I could watch a women make plantain pupusas and next to her was a man making pulled pork sliders. The variety of dishes from empanadas (I like to refer to them as pastry parcels) to Wax Moth Larve Tacos (unfortunately the line was too long and I didn't get to sample) was pretty extreme to say the least.
Seeing people turn their passion into successes really inspires me. It's experiences like this festival that remind me the American Dream can be achieved. Food Trucks, Etsy Stores and Blogging are all up and coming avenues that allow people to share their passion, and make their dreams a reality. Those are the kind of people and businesses I love to support and celebrate.
If you live in the Bay Area a similar food festival, Eat Real (which I attended last year) is happening next month in Oakland. I'll be there, so please let me know if you will be attending as well.
And for the rest of you, I encourage you to check out Food Trucks in your area, and to support your local businesses.
If you are a small business owner please leave a link in your comment. I would love to check it out.


  1. Oh this is so fun! I love this post and it sounds like you ate some interesting and awesome food.

    BTW, I love the picture of the doggie at the end, he is adorable!

  2. This looks like it was a lot of fun! I love finding interesting foods/adaptations on classics.

    That dog in the last picture looks like he's giving the stink-eye. Too cute!

  3. Such an awesome post! You did an excellent job of capturing the essence of Food Truck dining. Here in NY, we have lots of Food Trucks and I love feeling like an insider who know's where to find the best trucks.

    Liv @

  4. I know isn't that dog so cute!! Can't believe that little face!

  5. What a fun day! I totally missed out on this one. Glad you took lots of pictures to share! xo

  6. SO happy you went and enjoyed the amazing Festival. I helped with setup on Friday but couldn't make it to the actual event. I've been volunteering with La Cocina, the organization that puts it on, for a few years and I'm always inspired by the amazing people who start these businesses.

  7. I LOVE this post Amber, especially all of the photos. That last one of the pup is SO freakin' cute, but all are fantastic. Your photography is looking so good!! Loves.

  8. I wish there were more food trucks in my area :( My coworker from Oakland is forever talking about awesome food trucks.

    OMG, I think I want to have that dog in my life more than the food trucks, though. So cute.

  9. Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting about the one coming up in Oakland. I added it to my calendar and want to try to make it. I really love the whole food truck revolution (and it is so exciting to live where so much of it is happening).


  10. Holy moly, I wish I would have gone to this. And I want to squeeze that little cute!!

  11. Yum, next year I will have to go! You took some amazing pictures, and I love the little doggy at the end ;)
    Confessions of a Navy Wife

  12. Love this, well said!! I am all about supporting the small, independent businesses, and especially when it comes to food trucks and Etsy shops :)

  13. Very cool posting. Food trucks are popping up everywhere! Santa Cruz is starting to blossom a few, and Portland foodtrucks are BOOMING. I'm so down.

  14. I love to support small businesses whenever I can. I've never been to a foodtruck, but I'll have to check it out next time in the city!

    Style in the Bag

  15. I was there too!! It was a blast. I love your take on the day, and you are so right about the importance of supporting local businesses. Your last pic of that dog is amazing too!

  16. So sad I missed this!! I just moved to SF and have seen tons of food trucks around the city. I heard down at Fort Mason (I think that's what it's call, I'm learning, haha) they do a food truck thing from 3-7p on Fridays! Ever heard of that??