Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look of the Day: What a Beautiful Mess I'm In

I've mentioned before that I can be messy. And one of the things I am attempting in the New Year to to be neater and have less clutter. I am blessed by how much I received for Christmas but before I put away all my new things I decided it's time to purge and let go of things I have been hanging on to for far too long. I even looked through my blog to see what pieces I wear over and over and this Urban top has made it's appearance several times, most recently in my "ode to Gwen Stefani" (also seen here, and here).My reward for myself when I finish cleaning is to set up my new iPad that my Dad gave me. I work well when I have a reward in sight.

Let's be honest here this is an old outfit I never posted. When my desk and girly room are clean new outfits will resume.
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J Brand Leggings, Deena and Ozzy Boots, Forever 21 cardigan, Urban outfitters blouse, and Stella and Dot necklace.
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By the way my Deena and Ozzy boots are now on sale at Urban Outfitters for only $39.99. I wear these things almost everyday and they are so comfortable and go with everything. Check them out here. And to see some of the other ways I have worn them click here.

Monday, December 27, 2010

May I Suggest?

If you have a Wii, may I suggest you purchase the Wii Just Dance 2 game?
It's pretty much amazing.
I'm so happy Santa brought this for me because I just can't stop dancing!
I got my sister and Mom to join me.
I have to keep practicing because my sister kept beating me!
The three Lane's dancing away.
my sister's dress is h&m and my top is from Forever 21.
Work it!!!

Things I Love: Christmas Moments

Going to my Mother in Law's Grrr Leopard themed party. So cute!
Hanging out with my 4 month year old Nephew, nieces and Brother and Sister in Law.
Eating traditional Czech food on Christmas Eve.
Playing Games while we wait to eat.
Opening Presents with the fam.
Watching my family's amazement with Silly Bandz.
This was the first thing we opened and it took about 10 minutes before they got over them and move on.
Laughing when Rena, my Step Mom, opened the dancing elf hat 'gag' gift that gets passed around the family every year. She didn't see it coming!
Enjoying fresh California Crab.
Snacking on Rena's crudite.
Listening to Casey, my sister and Dad play us Christmas carols on their trumpets.
What are some of your favorite family traditions?
I hope all you East Coasters are staying Safe and Warm in the storm and snow!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Blog world! I hope you had a fabulous weekend whether or not you celebrated Christmas!!
Picture 17
Christmas card from 4leaftboutique

Monday, December 20, 2010


Thank you to all who entered the Petal and Pink "Dew" earring giveaway. Remember even if you weren't the winner Petal and Pink has offered and exclusive 10% off discount for Ambersnotebook readers.
I just might have to use on the BarqueNoir Earrings, love them!
For 10% use the code Amber10

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look of the Day: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Last night I was invited to attend a Gilt City shopping event at Gump's in San Francisco. I absolutely love the city during the winter time and you know me, all you have to say is shopping and Champagne and I'm there! Now you East Coasters and Mid Westerners are going to laugh at me, but when the temperature drops below 60' I get cold! So I used my trip to the city as an excuse to bundle up.
The event I attended was a lot of fun. We shopped around the store and sipped on some yummy Gloria Ferrer Sparkling wines. Gump's had amazing Christmas ornaments so I purchased a couple for presents. They even gave us gift bags when we left the store, with ornaments inside as well! I hope to attend some more Gilt City events in the future! To Join Gilt City click here, even if it's not in your city it is a great place to check out deals and events for when you are traveling! Thanks again to Lindsay for inviting me!
Anthropologie jacket, Forever 21 sweater, Forever 21 chunk knit beanie, JBrand Jeggings, and Deena and Ozzy boots tread boots .
What is your favorite way to stay warm?

Things I love: Hostess Gifts

One perk of being the hostess is the fun gifts my friends brought over for me. They were so sweet to bring me such thoughtful gifts. When giving gifts I also think the thought that goes into them is the most important thing. Annie gave me a pair of ornament earrings and Fast Flats by Dr. Scholl's - the perfect thing to throw on after night of dancing. Vanessa gifted me with some adorable wine Christmas themed wine charms. And Jen brought my some Christmas kitty socks. Who doesn't love cheesy Holiday socks? Last but not least Mandy brought me a World Series commemorative ornament. LOVE IT! Thanks so much ladies!
Speaking of parties, yesterday I received an invitation to my Mother in Law's "Grrr" themed Christmas party.
She requested that the guests wear leopard if they have some. Don't have to ask me twice!
Did I pick the right Mother in Law or what?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look of the Day: Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Yesterday my car died twice. Three times if you count when I finally managed to get it to the shop. Jumping my car in the rain isn't exactly my favorite thing to do. But that's the price I pay for being stubborn and not letting go of my car for 10 years -- I'm pretty attached to that thing.

So now I am cruising Casey's truck around town. And this outfit seemed to fit it perfectly. There are few types of flannel. We have the Kurt Cobain grunge flannel, the girly flannel, the Christmas flannel, pajama flannel and the lumberjack flannel. I think this flannel qualifies as the latter. And it matches the Dodge perfectly. I feel a bit like a cowgirl driving around the big pickup truck.

A tucked in blouse and and belted jeans is one of my go-to outfits. I love the look every time.
{variations here, here and here}
Miss Pennie Lane came out to play.
Oh my, why must you break down this time of year.
The car I mean, not me.
Forever 21 top, Citizen of Humanity Morrison Slim leg jeans, Deena and Ozzy boots, LF Stores Earrings.
What is one of your go-to outfits?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Of the Day: Teenage Dreams

Back in high school each night my best friend Jamie and I would methodically plan out our outfits for the next day over the telephone (you know that old land line thing). We both had sisters and each other's closet's to pull pieces from, so in all we had three closet to choose from. Wearing the same top or sweater in the same month was something that rarely happened.

Now I only have one closet to pull from so I have to make sure it's good. So I think about what I know: Season's are predictable, I lived in the Bay area long enough I know the climate by now. And think about what I like: I know in winter and fall I'll want to wear plaids. I'll also want to wear sweaters and boots. So when I buy pieces I know I'll want to wear it allows me to easily update my outfit each new season.

All I did to update this outfit from last year was add new boots and socks. Looking at what pieces I really like and want to wear helps me from mindlessly purchasing items that I won't wear often or won't wear more then one season. It also helps me from having panic moments while looking at my closet and thinking 'what the heck am I going to wear?'. Because you know, I can no longer call Jamie the night before and ask her what tops she has in her closet that I could borrow.
Free People Plaid dress from 2009 similar one here, Urban Outfitters sweater 2009, Deena and Ozzy boots, Forever 21 socks, Etsy necklace.
How do you avoid the whole 'I have nothing to wear' syndrome.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Party Planning: Where We Go Hard-Core and There's Glitter on the Floor.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, We party.
Here is a run down of my December 11th Christmas Party.
What we ate:
Panini Bar
To keep things simple and easy for me to enjoy my party, I set up a Panini Bar. Complete with cheeses, spreads, produce and deli meats. It was easy to organize and my guests were able to help themselves when they felt like eating. It's also fun, interactive and took the pressure off me to prepare food. In fact Vanessa, the foodie of the group, took over for a bit and made sandwiches for other people. I provided a list of flavor combination's to spark some ideas.

What We Drank:
Wine Sampling Selection
As part of my invitation I asked each guest to bring a wine in a paper bag to share. And we held a mini wine tasting. We sampled the wines covered in bags and discussed the flavors. All while guessing who brought what wine, and guessing what wines we thought they were. Again it was fun, interactive and took the pressure off me to provide all the drinks. Everyone thought we should do this at every party from now on.
To differentiate glasses I picked out reindeer names for all my guests and made easy-to-make wine charms. I made sure to match their personalities to the reindeer names. It was a fun way to know who's drink was who's. In case you were wondering, I was Prancer.

What We Did:
Ornament Decoration Station
I purchased the Martha Stewart glitter set (only $15 with my 50% off Coupon) and some ornaments from Joann's, at 60% off I only spent about $6.00. I set out glue guns, glitter, sequins and tinsel. My guests went ahead and decorated their little hearts out. Needless to say glitter was everywhere -- because who doesn't love to glitter things? This was such a hit we didn't even get to my second planned activity, decorating gingerbread houses. All my guests went home with their homemade ornaments as favors.
forever 21 ring, alice and olivia dress
What We Wore:
Playing Dress Up
Ya'll know I love costumes and outfit changes so I encouraged my guests to dress festively, some of who forewent their normal garb and dressed up just to appease me. Of course I had reindeer antlers, Ruldolph noses, Santa hats, and gaudy earrings and pins around the house for guests to decorate themselves with. I didn't take any pictures of my outfit but my dress is the one I am wearing in my blog header, it's an Alice & Olivia sequin dress.
Picture 15
Coincidentally this picture just won me $200 to Rent the Runway from Styleit Style Sheets.
I guess that means I need to plan another party to dress up for!!
For more pictures of my Christmas party click here.

'Twas the Night of My Party

And all through the house. All the creatures were stirring.
Yes, even the mouse.
The decorations were hung around the kitchen with care.
And soon glitter would soon be just about everywhere.
My party dress was snug, I thought in my head;
but that would not stop me from being feed.
While I in my apron and in my hand, a night cap. I had just settled down for a long winter's craft.
When out in the porch I heard such a clatter.
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the door I flew like a flash, but first making sure to secure my apron's sash.
The moon on the breast of the new fallen leaves,
gave luster to guests with enthusiasm hard to believe.
With a perky attitude so lively and quick. I knew in a moment,
I must fix them a drink!
More rapid then eagles their courses they came, I whistled and shouted and called them by name.
"Rock on Dasher and Dancer. And Prancer and Vixen.
Drink up Comet. On Cupid. Go Donner and Blitzen.
On top of the roof. On top of the wall.
Dance away. Decorate away. Party away, all!"
Then in a twinkling I heard from the booth.
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew my head in and was turning around, the party revelers all came in with a bound.
All dressed in fur and sequins from head to boot, no ones clothes were tarnished
not one spot of soot.
Their eyes how they twinkled, their dimples how merry.
Their cheeks were like roses, and one's nose was like a cherry!
They spoke lots of words but also were hard at work.
All the ornaments got decorated, no one acting a jerk.
I sprang to my post to give my team a good whistle and away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard them exclaim as they drove off in sight,
"What a fabulous party, and we all had a good night."
Party planning details to come tomorrow!