Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Of the Day: Teenage Dreams

Back in high school each night my best friend Jamie and I would methodically plan out our outfits for the next day over the telephone (you know that old land line thing). We both had sisters and each other's closet's to pull pieces from, so in all we had three closet to choose from. Wearing the same top or sweater in the same month was something that rarely happened.

Now I only have one closet to pull from so I have to make sure it's good. So I think about what I know: Season's are predictable, I lived in the Bay area long enough I know the climate by now. And think about what I like: I know in winter and fall I'll want to wear plaids. I'll also want to wear sweaters and boots. So when I buy pieces I know I'll want to wear it allows me to easily update my outfit each new season.

All I did to update this outfit from last year was add new boots and socks. Looking at what pieces I really like and want to wear helps me from mindlessly purchasing items that I won't wear often or won't wear more then one season. It also helps me from having panic moments while looking at my closet and thinking 'what the heck am I going to wear?'. Because you know, I can no longer call Jamie the night before and ask her what tops she has in her closet that I could borrow.
Free People Plaid dress from 2009 similar one here, Urban Outfitters sweater 2009, Deena and Ozzy boots, Forever 21 socks, Etsy necklace.
How do you avoid the whole 'I have nothing to wear' syndrome.


  1. I love this look Amber - you look awesome!

  2. I really love this look. The socks and boots really pull it together. I'm still saying "I haven't nothing to wear" whenever I open my closet. Haha I should fix that.
    Hey Hilary

  3. You look adorable lady! A land line? God, I have not have one for over 10 years. Grandpa still has one and refuses to give it up and doesn't trust his cell phone.

    I think that the key for dealing with the "I have nothing to wear syndrome" is to keep the closet under control. I am very organized (OK, I have OCD tendencies) and my closet is the one thing I always keep in check. A friend of mine who is a stylist in NYC told me that it is also important to keep everything hanging or easily accesible in the closet so every time you open the closet you can see everything you have.

  4. Oooooh this is cute and I am so w/you on the dreaded landline and planning the outfits w/the friends. I had a high school friend who used to sleep over a lot and half the time we couldn't even remember whose clothes were whose. ha!

    Anyway - you look great in that plaid and I love the layers. Superb.

    I escape nothing to wear-itis by picking shoes first. Usually if I stare at the shoes and am excited about them an outfit will materialize. What I am trying to do is lose so much grey and black. It gets kind of depressing in the colder months.


  5. I love this! You should totally be a stylist for Free People.
    So funny you planned outfits with your BFF, I remember doing this with my best friend in middle school. We would pass notes about it and put check boxes next to what we both had so we could coordinate. LOL!
    Ahh, the good old days :)

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  7. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your dress and chic layering!


  8. i did an outfit inspired fr the 90s today!

  9. The plaid and the layer with the boots are KILLER!! You look great and the pics are fantastic!

  10. How do I avoid the "I have nothing to wear Syndrom"? Easy I call you for advice or bring a giant bag of clothes to your house so you can help me decide ;) Thanks for always being there!

  11. LOVE those boots....cute little lights on the window too:)

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  12. You look great!! Those boots were such a great buy, they go with so much. I think I'll be looking for something in that color next year.

  13. Thanks ladies! And great suggestions! Thanks for sharing that tip Rosa, As I have mentioned before I am NOT very neat!

  14. Amber, you look so great in this outfit! Makes me realize I need a plaid dress too! ;)

  15. I like the boots and socks together. I've been on the hunt for knee socks.
    When I was in highschool, I wrote down everthing wore on a large whie board and would never wear the same thing twice for a month!
    When I have nothing to wear, i wear my little black dress. -OR- i'll wear jeans and a white teeshirt with AWESOME jewery, bag, and shoes. :-)