Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flowers of the Week: Perfectly Pink

I can be a bit of a hoarder. And I can let things pile up. I can even be messy. Or Casey would say very messy. And let's face it, my girly room had been lacking in attention. It was becoming a place to pile Christmas presents, magazines, and out of season clothes. But after I purchased a perfectly girly bouquet I felt inspired to clean her up. When I spent time cleaning up my neglected girly room and remembered how cozy and inspiring it can be.
Perhaps I will get my craft on soon!
Blogging central.
I love how the addition of Christmas lights lights up my perfume bottles like they are in a store display.
I also added some ornaments to my feather wreath, for a festive touch.
And my girly Bouquet that got me motivated.
Now, let's hope I can keep it clean!


  1. I can tend to keep a lot of things too...I have far too much, so I feel you there! :) I love your girly looks so comfy, flirty, and cozy all at the same time...well done, Amber! Happy December and enjoy your newly cleaned up and lovely room!

    Liesl :)

  2. I love your room - it's so pretty!

  3. It looks so cute and welcoming! Love the idea of the lights w/the perfum bottles- very chic

  4. OMG tooooo cute!!!! So it

  5. Beautiful! Where did you get that feather wreath?

  6. WOW! Gorgeous!!! I'd feel so festive every day if I had that wreath above my desk!

  7. It looks so pretty! I would love to spend some time in there soaking up some sun, lights and your fabulous wardrobe :)

  8. Ooo, I love the lights, bottle and wreath....maybe I'll do this! ;-)

  9. Love the girly room, beautiful!

  10. I made a feather wreath that looks almost just like that! Great minds think alike :) Though I have to say, my husband thinks my creation is a bit crazy lol.

  11. I love your wreath!! Just wrapped up my very own last night. Check it out - I know you'll love.

    I'm loving all the wonderful ideas, projects, inspiration and stories you've featured and oh how I love the holiday stuff!!!

    Just wrapped up a DIY project, a Feathered Wreath, that I want to share with you.

    I hope you have a great week.