Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Style Icon: So This Is Christmas

I have many obsessions with the 60's. And Mr. John Lennon is just one of them.

I have memories of listening to the Beatles on records just around the time I was watching Sesame Street. I even remember my mom showing me Paul barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road and playing the records backwards to hear "Paul is Dead" while we thoroughly inspected the cover of the Sargent Pepper LP to see all the characters.

I grew up loving the Beatles.

Need I remind you that my cat's name is Pennie Lane? And there may or may not have been pregnant talk of naming me Penny Lane.

That's right. I could have been Penny Lane.
Thank you Mom for spurring my interest in a band {and decade} long before my time.


  1. Such a cute post! Love the picture too!

  2. That picture is fantastic and you could have been Penny Lane!! xo

    You can go back and become a follower of the blog now. I added the link to the page! Thanks so much Amber!

  3. John Lennon's one of my favorites also! I love the rebirth of the Beatles in our generation!

  4. i love the beatles, i grew up listening to them as well. all of the music for our ceremony is the beatles and my dad and i first dance will be to hey jude.

  5. I also heart those Beatles! What a fun thing you and your mom get to share :)

  6. This is my favorite quote EVER! Probably b/c I waste away a considerable amount of time lol.