Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look of the Day: Everybody Makes Mistakes, Everybody Has Those Days

Let's talk about mistakes. We all make them, I make them DAILY. I used to beat myself up over mistakes I made. I would get frustrated and angry. But you know what I do now when I make mistakes? I LEARN FROM THEM. Like Miley Cyrus said (yes, no shame, I love Hannah Montana and Miley -- have you not realized I'm a dork yet?) "If things don't work out as you planned, figure something else out. Don't stay down, try again". And that's exactly what I do.

For example, blogging can be tough for me at times. I have a strong voice when it comes to writing, but technically I'm not the best at it. So this morning when I was on my walk, my mom called to tell me there were mistakes in my blog post. I immediately walked home to fix the mistakes, I couldn't focus on my walk knowing that there were mistakes in my post. I was frustrated, embarrassed and mad at myself. My patient mother went through the post with me and helped me correct my errors. While the post was fixed (well it's good enough, I'm never perfect) my ego wasn't. So I took some time, hiked up the hill and cleared my mind.

And then I came home and blasted some Miley Cyrus. See, I told you I am a dork.
I've learned holding on to feelings of frustration does nothing but make me unhappy and upset. And that's not how I like to feel.
Live and LEARN!
Theory blouse (similar)
Forever 21 skirt (Similar but check your stores I JUST got it)
h&m round sunglasses (similar)
Jcrew necklace (similar)
Target Clogs (similar)
Studded Bow Head Band from Nordstrom, here is close up of it on my Facebook Fan Page. (similar here but I JUST purchased it in store)
Okay, I'm rocking out to Party In the USA now, because well, I like to party.
I put my hands up, they're playing my song, the butterfly's fly away...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Look of the Day: Rue Turns One

Blogging is something that I love & adore. I love documenting things, sharing my life and thoughts with people, but most of all I love how blogging has lead me to meet so many amazing people on and off line.
I have been blown away with the community of San Francisco bloggers, their generosity, their openness and just their plain radicalness. Oh and hey Diane Steele, THEY ARE FASHIONABLE. I am beyond blessed to be welcomed into such an awesome community of people.

Let's just say when Anne Sage of Rue Magazine invited me out (just to PLAY) on Saturday night I just about died. How could I be so fortunate to call someone like Anne a friend? I mean just this week the she and her pal Crystal celebrated their one year anniversary of Rue magazine (CONGRATS LADIES!!) and they are the current tastemakers for Gilt City SF (check it out, those girls have STYLE & TASTE). I am one lucky girl, counting my stars (and wising on them...).
I love you all so much and I don't know what I would do without you all.

Melissa from Savy in San Francisco & I at Rue Magazine's Turns One Party. Let me just say BEST PARTY EVER!
My Dress is a four year old Parker ditty but this one is almost identical.
My shoes are also oldies but goodies 12th Street Cynthia Vincents but this pair also by her is just as badass and is on sale!
I've been dubbed the unofficial photo-booth queen of the group.
What can I say?
I like to get silly, and I like that silly documented!
Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 11.26.31 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 11.25.26 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 11.23.30 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 12.14.31 PM

I think silly and happy is the way to be.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Bunny Hops.

There are some things that just make life better. Champagne, cupcakes and the perfect pair of heels all fall in this category. You know what else makes life just a a little better? Bunny ears. Hugh Hefner sure knew what was up. I'm all about celebrating life every single day and let me tell you, there's no way you can be in a bad mood if you are rocking a pair of bunny ears. And hey, it's not a bad way to meet a best friend while wearing bunny ears. Friends that wear bunny ears together, stay together.
You know this post is dedicated to you JayNay!
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 9.51.55 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 9.51.24 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 9.50.33 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 9.49.06 AM
all images taken from
A search of Bunny Ears on Etsy has me inspired to make a pair of funky bunny ears. Someone out there hold me to this promise, please.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look of the Day: If Friendship Was Gold

"Jen and I are quite the pair. Did you know she does my hair? If friendship was gold I'd be a millionaire." I once Facebooked Jen's boyfriend Owen that little ditty during a Facebook rhyme off. And it's true. My sweet bestie picked up this little tee for me from TJ MAxx and I just adore it. Isn't she the sweetest! Seriously, I'd be a millionaire...

sanuk shorty shoe (MY FAVES!)
My Blog is More Fashionable then Yours Tee from TJ Maxx
Mini skirt
Mustard Knit beret
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things I Love: APPle

One thing I love about blogging is how it has connected me to some many new people and companies. I've meet some amazing people and been able to go to some awesome places because of the blog. Just this week I got to visit a company about to launch up & coming iPhone App.

I was invited to to tour their offices, meet their team and be a tester of their app. It's been fun watching the company develop and I can't wait to share the app with you when it finally launches! The ladies on the team are some of my faves and we a had blast trying on products and snapping pictures. I feel so blessed to have formed such great relationships with amazing companies in the area.

Getting my pose on.
After my time with the PM ladies I met my Dad and Rena for a bite to eat at an adorable French Bistro called Bistro Vida in Menlo Park. Such a cute area!
It was nice catching up with my Dad and Rena and I always love going to new restaurants.
I must get my bike riding skills from my Dad because was more then excited to show me his suped up bike. Just don't ask him about his stingray or how he biked from Carson City to Tahoe on a dare...
He even has an iPhone holder & a special app to track his rides. Clearly the APPle does not fall far from the tree.
It's been a nice & productive week so far. I hope your week has been going well as well!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: Sundress Sunday

After being out of town the past couple weekends it was nice to have a weekend at home with my friends and family. I started my weekend on Friday with a walk on the bay with Vanessa and her Mom and their dog Buster. Vanessa's mom then treated us to lunch at Burma Superstar (thanks Sue!) I think I could eat their Tea leaf Salad everyday for the rest of my if I had to. It's a must try for sure!

After Vanessa and I headed to San Francisco and enjoyed some park time out there and then kicked I with our old friends Steph and Mandy. It's always nice to reconnect with old friends.
I ended Friday by celebrating my Friday TGIF Katy Perry style with friends out on the Town. Sometimes you just need to let loose.
Burma Super star tea leaf salad.
On Saturday I hiked, caught up on some work and enjoyed an after noon glass of wine with my Mom and Gma. Those two ladies always crack me up and I love spending quality time with them.
There was a black fly in my Mom's chardonnay...
In the evening Courtney, V and I took their dogs on a hike and watched the sunset. The sun might set everyday but it never ceases to amaze me.
I started my Sunday watching Jen play soccer. She was a soccer star in high school and it's so fun to see back on the field again! After the game I headed over see my Dad and Rena show their car in a local car show.
Then it was festival time! Jen, Vanessa, Nay Nay (Renee) and I put on our maxi dresses and got funky festival freaky. Kind of our favorite thing. The day was declared Sun Dress Sunday and we rocked it out.
I wrapped up the weekend with some quality friend time in V's backyard telling stories and just chilling. Simple friend time like that can be kind of amazing sometimes.
It was just the kind of weekend I needed.
I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family in my life, LOVE YOU ALL!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look of the Day: Kris Kross Will Make You

Last Thursday I hit the town with my favorite blogger's to celebrate & support Fashion's Night Out. I had a blast running (and jumping) around with Jeanne and Britt + Whit hitting up all the major department stores, snacking and sipping on some champers.

Oh and we hit the photo scene, obvi.
Spotting camera's from a mile away is *kinda* a hidden talent of mine, just sayin.

J Crew Sweater (similar here).
H&M skirt (similar) kinda loving burnt orange right now.
LaRok jacket & Steve Madden booties -- both were TJ Maxx scores. I finally got around to using some of the $1000 I scored when my outfit won the iVillage TJ Mazzinista contest.

LOVE Jeanne!
Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 6.46.48 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 6.46.36 AM
Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 6.46.21 AM
Wanna guess who's idea the jumping was??
We'll just blame it on Samantha, either that or it was a mac dad. At least our clothes aren't on backwards...
Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look of the Day: Three Day Weekend

I had a heck of a weekend, which subsequently rolled into Monday. I will be recapping soon, but for now, here is my outfit from yesterday. Monday afternoon's have now been reserved for my "niece" Isa (Jen's sister's baby).
Jen, Ash and I took Isa on a walk stopped in Gap and I grabbed her this adorable outfit (Sweater + skirt).
Yup, I got her a girl skirt (how genius are the attached leggings?) and a boy sweater. I want Isa to be original!
I also picked up this hat & belt for myself. It was a nice way to start my week in town.

Roxy Quicksilver New Twist Tube Dress (I love it SO much I may have to get it in this color as well).
Forever 21 Glasses
and I ended up scoring these forever 21 earring and rocking them with too.
Aren't they rad?
Happy Tuesday y'all!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I love: SF Blog Friends

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Refinery 29's Fashion's Night celebration party and I had a blast - to say the least. The Refinery 29 team is pretty radical, just sayin. The food was amazing, the drinks were flowing and I met SO many amazing people. It was a good time.

I love going to blog events like last night's because they are fun, informative, and it's great way to network. But most of all I love seeing my friends. I used to call the group of women I see at events "blog friends" but lets be honest after months of seeing them on an (almost) weekly basis these ladies have become my friends.

While I was going through a rough part of my life I would look forward to seeing these ladies. None of them knew what I was going through, and it was nice and refreshing to start clean with them. The friendships I have developed with them are so special to me. I have learned something from all of them and they all inspire me (SO MUCH!). You know who you ladies are and I can't wait to see you all tonight!! xx

My fit.
My fave Free People sweater (similarhere & here).
My new Scout Twill Zip Crop pants c/o Jbrand(LOVE them!! I could wear them everyday if I could get away with it.)
Ash Lotus wedges (another fave)and some other regalia not worth mentioning.
Refinery 29 did a fab job of making us feel more then welcome and special.
I love feeling VIP.
I did not have any but the sushi looked amazing, so I paparazzied it.
Fashiontini, you know I helped myself to complimentary dranks that were being served.
Jeanne and I. I love her and so happy she came into my life. Maybe one of these days she'll invite me over to see her baby =)
Um yeah this fig toast was amazing and it was the only veggie friendly option. Katie(BKA MrsZambrano) and I discussed vegetarianism last night, it's something I've gone back and forth with over the years and am pretty passionate about.
Oh Samantha came out to play.
Last night my friend Tracy asked me if I have always been goofy.
Yes, Tracy, I've always been this way [insert klutzy drink spillage].
Super stoked for Fashion's Night Out tonight!
I hope you are participating in your city and locals I hope to see you tonight in SF!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap: Star Gazing

This weekend Vanessa and I packed up her car and headed up North to Oregon to visit our oldest & dearest friend, Mandy. I've lived in Northern California my entire life and I'm almost embarrassed to say that I had never been to Oregon. Well, all I can say is that it was well worth the wait. Oregon is absolutely gorgeous.

The girls and I had a blast taking in all that the small town of Shady Cove had to offer. We spent the weekend relaxing & hiking around the Rogue River. I loved checking out what the locals had to offer (wine, beer, and excellent food-- I was a happy lady to say the least). And of course we got some thrifting in; small towns always have the best little treasures. A highlight of the weekend was seeing my friend Mandy on duty as a Park Ranger at Joseph Stewart State Park, it made me feel so proud to see her at a job so perfect for her!

We also spent hours looking up at the stars. There's just something so magical about looking up at sky full of twinkly lights. There's beauty out there in the world, and I spent my weekend enjoying it. It was an amazing weekend packed with all my favorite things and I couldn't ask for two better friends to spend my time with.
I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as well.