Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I love: Hostess Gifts

One perk of being the hostess is the fun gifts my friends brought over for me. They were so sweet to bring me such thoughtful gifts. When giving gifts I also think the thought that goes into them is the most important thing. Annie gave me a pair of ornament earrings and Fast Flats by Dr. Scholl's - the perfect thing to throw on after night of dancing. Vanessa gifted me with some adorable wine Christmas themed wine charms. And Jen brought my some Christmas kitty socks. Who doesn't love cheesy Holiday socks? Last but not least Mandy brought me a World Series commemorative ornament. LOVE IT! Thanks so much ladies!
Speaking of parties, yesterday I received an invitation to my Mother in Law's "Grrr" themed Christmas party.
She requested that the guests wear leopard if they have some. Don't have to ask me twice!
Did I pick the right Mother in Law or what?


  1. All those gifts are so thoughtful. And honestly, what a fun party to go to! I cannot wait to see the outfit you wear for hte party.

  2. Those are good gifts. How fun! Your MIL's party sounds fun too!

  3. what great gifts - i especially love the christmas socks :)

  4. i'm giving those flats. they made my gift guide too!