Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I love: Kris Kross will make you jump JUMP

Ahh Computer I missed you! For Valentines Day I "gave" Casey a computer free weekend, meaning I didn't open the computer once Friday night, Saturday (I did manage to sneak on for a bit on Saturday the morning) or all day Sunday! Wow I have so much to catch up on (like a giveaway to sort out), blog reads to and pictures to upload.

When I opened my computer today to find my blog posts featured on two websites.Bback in January when I posted my jumping pictures after my excitement of seeing Ms. Britney Spears herself, a fellow blogger Anotherfishinthesea suggested I send my pics over to the JumpBeacause blog. So I quickly headed over to the blog to check it. The blog is filled with people jumping all over the world. The pictures are moments of excitement, joy and enthusiasm caputred in a sinlge jump, pretty sweet. Looking at the pictures It made my day. After visiting the blog I knew I had to send my pictures in! Head over there today to check out the site and too once again see my cheesy jumping self portrait pictures, as well as ots other very cool pictures that will definitly make you smile.
photograph by Frederick Boissonnas in 1913Émile_Jaques-Dalcroze
I was also very exited to see the Smuin Ballet Linked MY blog post about my night out seeing their ballet! I thought that was pretty cool. I would have further reviewed if I had known they were going to link my post but at least I picked a cool title! They also invited me to a special blogger/photographer show where bloggers are allowed to take pictures of the show. I just may have to go. All this ballet really makes me want strap on some ballet shoes and take a dance class. I miss dancing a lot.
I just had to share a screen shot of this:

Casey and I both have the day off today so I probably won't get as much computer time in as I need to catch up on blog reading but I will be back later with some pictures and the giveaway winner!! Hope you weekend was great!


  1. How great that a couple blogs featured you...that's always a sweet treat...I hope you and Casey have a great day!

  2. Love the jumping, it definitely does make me smile for some reason :)
    What a great 'gift' too, I bet my Husband would absolutely LOVE me to to give him a computer-free weekend/night/day--anything! LOL.

  3. PS-so cool they linked to you!

  4. Yay! Thanks for the mention and I am so glad that jumpbecause made you smile! Happy Monday!

  5. thank you so much Andrea, andi and anotherfishinthesea!!