Friday, February 12, 2010

Look of The Day: Two drifters off to see the world. There's such a lot of world to see.

I got an early Valentines day treat today!! My Mother in Law is pretty much the coolest! She stopped by tonight with some Valentines Day treats for me (well and my Nieces but they have to wait for theirs) and I have to say she was looking pretty amazing and hip this evening. I hope my MIL, who never had any daughters, now thinks as my Sister In Law Rebecca and I both as daughters because she sure spoils us like we were her own. Not only does she take take time to read my blog regularly(and share the link with her friends) and she also always looks out for me. And ever since my "On the Hunt" post about champagne coupes she too has been on the hunt for them. I now how a collection that even Marie Antoinette or Holly Golighty would envy. And what makes them even better is that they are the real thing, fabulous and vintage! No longer shall I use regular drinking glasses, Champange coupes is all it is! Thank you so much Shelia for my Valentines Day Treats. I love you!
My outfit today, after a week of pouting about the prolonging of winter, I decided not to wallow in my spring wishes and instead relish in the items I can only wear a few weeks longer. Like my favorite Joie Twiggy Over the Knee boots. LOVE! I will miss these all spring and summer! I did not wear them enough.
And my favorite Joie Tunic {similar here}which spurred my favorite blog comment of all time made by the ever fabulous Chloe! Who Knew she was poet?
Dear Vanessa Hudgons,
There once was a girl with no pants,
She starred in a movie where she would sing and dance,
Then a blogger came along,
And wore it so well- that same tunic of chiffon,
And looked much more styleish that you didn't EVEN have a chance.

Bravo! *claps*
By Chloe
Reference this post

And my Valentine's day Surprise!!! Coupes!!
And our special personalized glasses that Shelia made for us! She is SO crafty and made us each personailzed beaded glasses. You know, so we know who's glass to fill up higher ;)
And of course these coupes influenced me to watch Breakfast at Tiffany one last time before it no longer available On Demand! And you better bet that tomorrow morning I will be drinking my orange juice or {almond} milk, or maybe green monster out of one of these a'la Holly. And I can only imagine my morning toast will involve a tribute to late and great Alexander McQueen. A legend was lost today... His presence and influence will be forever missed.


  1. What a great mother in law. Love the glasses!

  2. Lucky you!... what a great present and fab MIL!

  3. Um hot boots, we need a close up!

  4. what a sweet mother in law amber! I always say this but I LOVE all of your boots! Lovely Joie tunic too. Those champagne coups are so cute!

  5. Adorable! Those boots are hawt...

  6. so sweet of the MIL! happy v day!

  7. aw, I just watched funny face last night. maybe breakfast at tiffany's will be tonight's flick. happy weekend!

  8. What a great present, and such a fantastic movie!

    I have an award for you on my blog!

  9. I watched it on On Demand too! And I already want to watch it again haha.

    That poem, by the way, is freaking hilarious!

  10. I am always jealous of ppl who have wonderful MIL's...enough said about that :). LOVE Chloe's poem btw :). And you've inspired me to check out the Joie brand b/c you always have cute stuff by that brand (leather jacket, tunic, boots)!

  11. Thanks Lauren and E hayes!
    LOL Suzy, I plan to wer the again soon before I can't so I will take a better picture for you!

    Thank you Pam! If you love something I own I know I am good to go =)

    Thanks Coley, Taylor and tam!

    Omg thank you Olivea! I will head over to check it out =)

    LOL so funny JJ sparks! I may have to watch it one last time tongiht before it gone again.

    Aww sorry Tina! Isn't Chloe's poem FUNNY!??
    and YES you must I LOVE Joie!

  12. how sweet! love the over-the-knee boots. are they are to sit in?!

  13. Love those coupes! SO glamorous! You definitely have to drink everything out of those now, I would ;)
    Love the boots and Chloe's poem is hilarious :)

  14. LOL at the actors diet what do you mean? I have other pictures of me wearing them. hey are really comfortable because they have a sturdy heel.

    here is a better picture of them:

    Hehe Andi! I wish I cheers with you using them=)

  15. What a great thing for you MIL to do for you.

    My MIL does special things for me too since she had all boys. I am her fav. DIL out of the three she has. She likes the fact that I am honest with her and don't just act all happy and fake cause she is my MIL.

  16. I love coupes! They are my fave! How sweet and cute!