Monday, February 22, 2010

Look of the Day: Our Whole Universe Was in a Hot Dense State

Sometimes outfits are just good enough enough to repeat, and this one I loved so I repeated it today. The cool thing about this outfit is when I wear this tank again in the summer it will look a bit different, but by utilizing the cool collar it has I am able to let the wow factor shine, even when most of the tank is covered up. I am pretty much obsessed with pieces with a "big bang" factor (BTW The Big Bang is a pretty sweet show). Take my Anthro "party in The Back" cardigan (ok Kim, I KNOW that is not the correct name but I am sure whatever name it has it CANNOT be better then Party in the Back). I just love the effect that back has, it totally makes it and the collar on this tank makes it. It's all about that big bang!

The big bow had me feeling a little Lady Gaga, well I use any excuse to feel a bit Lady Gaga, even if it means losing my keys. Wait, where is my phone??
Under my cardigan I wore a ruffle tank from the White Dress shop, which of course is sold out, but a similar one is available and this ruffle neck cardigan reminded me of a similar look .
Click here to see the last time I wore this outfit, and to see a full length shot. Pennie is just chillin, the other night she got out and was out all night. So glad we found her the next morning!


  1. cracking up in a quiet room full of coworkers at the Anthro sweater name... love it.

  2. I'm LOL Amber at you calling your cardi "Party in the Back" I don't think the Anthro name competes! It's actually callede the Cascading Tulle Cardigan, but I like yours better ;-)
    Loving today's outfit!

  3. Oooh I love this look, especially the ruffled tank! This is definitely my color palette :)