Friday, February 19, 2010

Style Icon: White Hot

I love a guy who has better hair then me and who can't let anyone else be better them him.  BUT, Shaun White, you and your red mane amaze me, and kind of hypnotize me. I can't help but love you and your dare devilness. Shaun White rocks his carrot top locks, and owns his own style. The dude exudes confidence. ROck on! I look forward to seeing you and you competitive spirit supporting the USA for awhile! YOU ROCK!!

Getting pumped up with rocking the Plaid:Picture I took of my TV
His out of control hair makes him stand out. LOve it.
Image source unkown
Getting MAD air!
“What do I think of the business? I think I want in on it.”


  1. As a readhead, "carrot top" is offensive.

  2. Yay! I heart the olympics, snowboarding, and shaun white! Go USA!

  3. He is such a great athlete and totally down to earth in his interviews and awesome. Go USA!

  4. I have the hotts for Shaun White too! His smile kills me too!