Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20+10: Tonight, I'm Cleaning out My Closet

I'm sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry, but tonight i'm
cleaning out my closet
20+10 #4. Become neater.
my husband out "neat"s me like crazy. I need to get with it, I used to be a neat freak! I just got used to someone else picking up after me and dong my laundry (I am one lucky girl!)

Umm yeah. My Mom and Husband aren't impressed right now. My room was so messy I couldn't even take look of the day pictures in it today. I am only documenting so I improve my habits...yikes!
I haven't done my hair or makeup since Saturday!
My room is JUST a mess! I had to clean so I could take outfits pics tomorrow.

And some lovey ladies that made me feel good during my closet clean out:
Kelly(Spice it Up) and Courtney over at KeepingupwithCourt (girl keeps it real!) nominated me for the Beautiful blogger award. I was already nominated by the Fabulous LC (who's chicken wing recipe should be award winning!) so check out my random {dork} facts here: Amber's Random Facts.
And I pass on the beautiful blogger award to these up and coming bloggers!!
Dee who always inspires me.
Rebecca who is an amazing crafter
Jackie who's Humor I love
Jess is another mom who I admire
Steph, who's style is Amazing!
Tam Pham has awesome fashion and is quite glam
Renn's Nest had amazing writng
Hair Cutting in High Heels inpires me to be fabulous all the time, hair, makeup and all!!
And Anna at www.yourtrash-mytreasure.blogspot.com has an amazing message as she documents not buying new clothes this year.
Thank You to my old and new blog friends!


  1. Amber!!! You just made my day!!! Thank you SO much for the nomination and kind words. You are so gracious and an encouragement to me - you are SO sweet!! I've never been nominated for anything - this is so fun!:)

  2. Your place still looks adorable even if it is a bit messy;)

  3. haha at at a little bit messy! A least I redeemed myself last night. It's looking SO much better now. I cannot let it get like that again.

  4. thanks so much amber! such kind words!

    i had a freakout yesterday with the state of my closet so i just buckled down and cleaned & organized...feel so much better now.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me feel not so bad about my bedroom =D The rest of my house is clean, clean, clean but the bedroom needs some help.

  6. Did you by chance paint your piano white?

  7. I can relate, my bedroom and closet is a disaster! I need to go through and donate some old clothes and jewelry.

  8. Haha, clearly you just need a little man-kitty who has a taste for drawstrings, straps on strappy heels, bikini tops, anything with a tie, really. My little Clayton keeps me at least contained IN my closet. But that's often a tornado itself...sigh.

  9. This is basically my entire house. I'm sure my roommates are completely irritated with me and my constant overspill of clothing and shoes and accessories everywhere.