Monday, February 1, 2010

Look of the Day: Cold Shoulder

Still feeling like P!NK, Lady Gaga and Beyonce got the cold shoulder last night... but then again it willprobably only going to push them even farther. Beyonce and Lady Gaga did though inspire me to rock some strong shoulders today. I seriously love this trend, and I expect it to be even more accessible and popular next fall. If you haven't tried it out yet, I suggest you give it a shot, I think it is very flattering.
Rocking a blazer from Ebay, Lauren Conrad top, and Chinese Laundry boots from a few seasons ago.

Pennie wanted some love.

I also rocked my Lanvin DIY necklace today. I kind of forgot about it until I saw J's Look for Less version! Speaking of DIY's I need to get on my list of DIY's I want to make! And thank you to Andi from Saltwater Dreams who was so sweet and put me on her Easy on the Eyes list! Thank you Andi for including me on your list!


  1. Love how you wore the jacket! I wasn't sure how to pull-off the strong shoulders, but this is a great everyday look.

  2. I agree about the Grammy's!! I really like that blazer a lot - what brand is it? I also love how you styled it :).

  3. Great look! I love the DIY necklace, too!!!

  4. Thanks Jjparks! I am wearing a power shoulder cardigan today that I will post later on.

    Tina I purchased it from an Ebay seller right afterthe Balmain shoulders hit the runways. It was the only place I could find a power shoulder blazer I could afford at the time. I'm sure there are way cheper looks for less now but here is the seller I purchased from.

    Thanks Coley! I really need to get on my DIY list, i didn't make one thing in January, maybe I should make an at least once a month goal.

  5. I'm sort of mad at myself for not watching the Grammys. Are there normally reruns?

  6. VERY cute! I actually like it better than how Beyonce wore it ... that mermaid dress was not my fav

  7. lauren- I don't think so but you can you tube the performances, i.e. the only things worth watching.

    LOL LC thanks! I actually liked the dress she excepted her award in, not her red carpet gown.