Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look of the Day: Skeletons in My Closet

Mine are just happen to be worn proudly on sequin dresses, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I know this Rodarte Skeleton dress was definitely one of those pieces you either HATED (most of you) or by chance you are a freak like me and loved. I remember Justine saying it was too hideous to even try on! Hehe!!It is not the most versatile dress, or the most wanted dress, but I for one adored it! A skeleton dress? In sequins!? At a Target priceline!? YES PLEASE! The freaks come out at night...or when Rodarte teams up with Target I come out.

Paired with my American Eagle Chambray denim top. LOVE!! The Look 4 less and Beach Black have both featured this top.
And just showing off it's awesomeness

Okay did anyone else have serious blogger problems this weekend?? I couldn't sign one,make comments, had posts eaten and just problems all around... anyone else dealt with that!??


  1. Only YOU could pull that off :)
    I have been lusting after a Chambray shirt lately too, hope you're feeling better!
    PS-I didn't have any blogger problems ???

  2. I agree with Andi, only you Amber can rock this look. You look amazing!!!

  3. I agree with the ladies! I think you are the only one that could make that dress look hot!!

    No blogger probs this weekend. Every now and then I will finish a post and go to preview/ edit and for some reason only like a line is saved and everything is deleted for some reason. Boy, does that make me mad if it is a long post with pics!!

    I was excited to see you cake stand post, that one didn't work for me.

  4. Agree with Andi, you totally pull the skeleton dress off... If I wore it I'd look like a 14yr old hot topic junkie haha..

    re: blogger, I didn't have problems, but it seemed like some other bloggers did. However, I was dying to comment on the "Things I Love: Cake Stands" with "Things I Love: Cake!" :)

  5. I actually really like the skeleton dress. I'm all about different, stand out pieces.

  6. Love your outfit. I did oke the skelton dress but they didn't have it at my Target. Blogger was not letting me upload pics so I never got a post up yesterday.

  7. ok Cake stand post should be up later, that was one that got eaten, I have to reload pics. WEird I was the only with issues!!

    Thanks ladies!

  8. My target didn't even carry the collection.. too bad, because this dress is amazing. I love how you paired it with denim, too.

  9. i was scared to even try on that dress, wish i had though. you look fierce!