Friday, February 19, 2010

Look of The Day: Mixmaster Mike, Get on The Mic

Mixing prints is going to be huge this spring. I plan on doing lots of print mixing but today I just dipped my toes in the waters. I mixed stripes and flowers, which is a very easy mixed pattern to do. I plan to do some bolder pattern mixing soon but I think outfit demonstrates how easy it can be to do, with much effort at all.
My cardigan is Lauren Conrad for Kohls but this one is very similar in price and style, and I could see so many things with this black and oatmeal one and in one in variety of colors here, the green and white would be perfect for spring!
My top is an urban top (here in a different color)and smilar here( which I also have in the vintage floral color)

Well, I'm A Funky Skull And I'm A Scorpio
Actually I am a Gemini...


  1. Aw, great outfit Amber! I'm terrified of print mixing, though. It looks great on others, but for whatever reason it completely scrambles my head whenever I take a stab at it.

    But stripes + florals? I might, just might be able to do that. Thanks for the inspiration! *rubs hands together*

  2. Love this! I, like Chloe, am also a bit timid when it comes to mixing patterns, but I'll have to buck up and give it a try :)

  3. Love this mix Amber! You are inspiring as always. Looks great.

  4. Eee, Love your tshirt, I want it!!

  5. Chloe any compliment from you means a lot so thank you. You are heck of a lot smaller then me so I guess I have more body for print mixing to occur?? LOL I am really excited for and outfit I plan to wear when it warms up and it involves mixing polka dots and stripes.

    Coley you should do an inspiration board for it!!

    Thanks Andi <3

    Thanks Anna! I bet you could find some sweet vintage pieces to mix and match together.

    LOL Thanks Suzy! Can you order from Urban over there??

  6. Love this Amber! I really love the combo, can't wait to see you try some prints! I love this pairing for spring!

  7. LOVE your cardigan, and those boots are fantastic!

    Thanks for your well wishes :)

  8. I can't wait to do some pattern mixing myself! very nicely done. :)

  9. So in love with the stripes and floral combo. I will try this soon.
    Great post!

  10. Love it!! the OTK boots are killer.