Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look of The day: These Vagabond Shoes, They are Longing to Stray

Casey and I had a lot of fun on our date last night. I was able to find food I would actually eat at Ruth Chris and Casey thought the ballet was more interesting then he expected, he was actually better at interpreting the story lines then me, I was just hypnotized by the dancing and music. I had Sinatra stuck in my head all day today. The choregaphy was amazing, it is amazing what the dancers can do with their bodies It was a very nice night, and it was really nice that we used a Gift Card for the restaurant and I won the tickets to the Smuin ballet. Using the curlers turned out pretty well the waves were still in my hair when I woke up, which never happens when I use a curling iron. I think the more I practice the better I will get at it. I am currently in the kitchen (as I type this) preparing lots super bowl snacks for the boys. Casey had a list of "football food" he wants lol. Hope your Super Bowl Sunday is a fun one!
My dress is from forever 21 and is not online but see my previous post for alternative dresses.
Shoes are Christina Louboutin, similar here.
I am super behind on responding to blog comments and reading blogs this weekend, but thanks for all the comments on my silly post from yesterday. Hope I can catch up my blog reading tonight (or during the game if it's a snoozer)!
Does anyone even know who the half time show is? Please tell me it's not Taylor Swift!! I've had enough of her these days...


  1. Glad you had a great date night! Your outfit is perfect, as always. Your legs are like a mile long!!! I was going to suggest the creamed spinach and de-lish mushrooms (my fave) at Ruth's Chris, glad you found some yummy dishes :)
    Your hair is so cute in curlers, how did it turn out? It's hard to tell in the pics...

  2. I like the curler idea...I have very thick hair and not much patience (or time) for a curling iron. I've been more and more inspired by your outfits...I found myself shopping today thinking of the outfits I've seen on you!! Also, I totally agree about Taylor Swift :). I thought I was the only one.

  3. I love your outfit! That dress was a great buy! ps i really love the pic with your curlers- so adorable!

  4. Andi I forgot to tak a good hair pic. But I need to wor on getting the curlers up closer to the roots for more volume. But they gave me a perfect wave. LOL my legs.

    Thanks Tina!!

    Aw thanks Miss K!!

  5. Love the look. What is your opinion about the best way to wear tights or hose with open toe shoes? Your combo looks fab, but I'm not sure if I can pull off the look. Perhaps my heels aren't high enough? Thoughts on what works and doesn't work?

  6. I wonder what you did get at Ruth Chis?

    And it wasn't a snoozer!

  7. My store NEEDS to get this dress in STAT!!!! I love the fit, and the shoulder detail!!!!

  8. SO glad you enjoyed the show :) You should come to Smuin's blogger rehearsal on 2/21 in SF 1:30-3:00. Open to bloggers and photogs to watch rehearsal for our Spring Program. Check it out here: