Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fun

I am off to the city to celebrate our best friend's birthday Johnny. Johnny is one of Casey's oldest friends, he was Casey's best man in out wedding. So we can't wait to celebrate his birthday with him. The boys have their own plans before and are going separately from me. So I was a little stressed out about what I was going to eat for dinner but then the timing worked out perfect to meet Jenna, you know that famous blogger from Eat Live Run. We are going back to the Plant Cafe, I'm hoping for a Jenna Weber famous wine pick, but i have a feeling she may be wined out! In any case I will update with my eats and outfits later!

In the mean time here are some pictures of Johnny and I causing trouble in Beijing from our trip there this past summer. Casey was behind the camera's lens.

That thing was HARD to drive.


  1. Have fun at dinner! When I saw she was asking for company, I had a feeling you'd be going!

  2. Aw MAN! I am so jealous!!! I really wanted to meet Jenna but already had made dinner plans. Luckily, I had plant cafe AGAIN last night so at least I'm good on that front. Get the garden burger.

  3. LOL What are you DOING! That picture is hilarious! Happy Bday to Johnny!

  4. Ohhh, I was wondering if you were that Amber! How fun!

  5. great pix! would love to see s'more china pix.

  6. LOL Shana! I wouldn't have gone but I already had city plans.

    LC- i did order the plant burger, SO glad I did!!

    R- you know just riding the rickshaw! LOL

    Jen_ so funny you thought that! LOL

    The actor's diet- I guess I will have to share more pictures!