Monday, November 23, 2009

Look of the Day: Winter White

Alright well it's not quite winter yet but we all know the White after Labor Day fashion "rule". After my Sound of Music post the Bagfashionista mentioned her favorite musical was My Fair Lady, which immediately got me in the mood to watch it. My Fair Lady was another one of my childhood favorites and it also served as my first introduction to the Iconic Audrey Hepburn. Throughout the movie Audrey rocks some amazing white dresses, proving white shouldn't just be reserved for brides and the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Today I rocked my winter white in an amazingly perfect unstructured blazer. Hepburn once again proved her classic style is timeless.

Hepburn in her wonderful whites:

The blazer is by Hinge from Nordstrom but I do not see it online.


  1. I love:

    1) Your blog
    2) That blazer
    3) Those boots! Where are they from?!

  2. Ditto to Le Lite Bites!! You are adorable!!! Love your outfit!

  3. it!!! i think we are going to have to watch the movie now this coming weekend!

  4. Thaks girls!

    Le Lite Bites- they are Steven by Steve Madden Intyce boots. They have them at and

    Aww thanks Brittany! I love yoru blog as well.

    LOL bagfashionista, I have been singing the song all week!

  5. The blazer and the entire outfit look fabulous! I want to know where the boots are from too! I always have difficulty finding ones that are tall enough and you are pretty tall right - perhaps they could work for me too!??

  6. I am 5'6 not really tall, but I do have long legs and short torso and I love the height on these. Here is the link to them on endless

  7. OMG those boots!!!! As soon as I can wear skinny jeans I am buying those boots!!!