Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look of the Day: Feels like Fall

You know it fall when cold symptoms creep into your system. I woke up this morning and felt the beginning symptoms of a cold. I immediately pulled out all the stops to stop this cold in it's tracks. I am currently snuggled up with some hot herbal tea and Martha Stewart's 2009 Holiday issue, and I am pretty confident that tomorrow I will wake up feeling much better!

I loaded up on my Vitamin C with fresh squeezed orange juice and lemon water. Funny how citrus is in season during the cold season.....nature sure has a way of taking care of us.
I also steamed my face with lemon water to help my sinuses.
I drank lots of liquids and even broke out the Amazing Grass Jenna gave me.
By far the BEST green powder I have had had. I am going to have to compare the stats with my old green powder. Thanks Jenna for hooking me up with the Amazing Grass!
I neti-potted the heck out of my sinuses with Himalayan salt water. I swear this thing works wonders!
Even though I was not feeling well, I did my best to make convince myself that this cold had nothing on me. I rocked a cozy "sweater shirt" cardigan from We the Free. The cardigan totally matched my mood comfort wise but the details on it still had me feeling put together. I purchased it at Nordstrom on sale but it's not coming on sale online, weird!
After a day of not feeling great it was nice to come home to Martha's Holiday mag! Bring on the Glitter!!
And Lastly today is my good friend's husband's birthday. Even though Patrick is not with Erynn to celebrate his 27th birthday they honored his wonderful life today in a celebratory golf tournament. Always thinking about you guys! Please keep them in your thoughts as well.


  1. can you believe i've never read martha stewart's magazine. though i do love her "body and soul" one

  2. That cardigan is to die for! I love it, especially with those boots. So simple, yet still so lovely and stylish. ♥

  3. You look great as always - that cardigan is so cute, and I love your boots.

  4. Ooooh, does the lemon water really help???

    And I've been wanting to try amazing grass for so long! Everyone has been raving about it. Humph.

  5. I read Martha cover to cover last night too ; ) I am dying to make a croquembouche this year.
    I hope you feel better!

  6. I gotta try that lemon water trick. I love your tips!!

  7. Actors Diet- how could not have read martha! oh my ;)

    Thanks J and Chloe! Sarah I didn't quite read as much as I have planned so I can't wait to finish it!

    Thanks Maggie lemon steams always refresh me and make me feel better!

  8. Sorry you aren't feeling well! It looks like you are doing everything you can to fight it, so hopefully you're back to normal soon.

    Sooo, I originally came over here from HTP for the twilight shirt giveaway, and I'm now hooked. As evidenced by:

    1. I am considering making some of those Bite Me shirts for my friends to see New Moon on Sunday, I'll definately post pics if I do.

    2. I am thinking about about making the Lanvin necklace to wear at my bachelorette party in January. I need to pick out my outfit first though!

    3. Also coveting those over the knee boots you got recently.

  9. Aww thanks you Rachel! That response made my day! Thanks for reading the blog, definitely let me know if you make any of the crafts!

  10. Hi Amber! I have a cold too! Maybe I should join you for some lemon juice steam and Martha's magazine?lol You are too cute!
    Love that We the Free cardigan! I am loving that line! Do you mind me asking how the sizing is? Thanks!!-B

  11. Oh yes, where can I find the Amazing Grass? Whole Foods? Does it taste ok?

  12. So sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you will feel up to partying this weekend!

  13. Brittany is runs just like free people. I am wearing a small, and yup you can get Amazing grass at whole foods. I wouldn't say it tastes good but it is the best tasting green powder I have tried.

    R-all better!

    E-Thanks!! =)

  14. You're like the umpteenth person who has raved about the neti pots. To be honest, I'm scared of the neti. I youtubed it once to see how they were used and was not comfortable with what I saw. eek!

    But, I may have to overcome my neti pot phobia to combat swine flu season. Where do you get Himalayan salt? Can you use regular table salt?

  15. Linda it is uncomfortable at first but you get used to to. Now I just feel like a getting rid of germs when I neti pot. I don't know about regular table salt, I would recommend sea salt over that. My mom orders Himalayan sea salt in large quantities but I have seen small containers of it at cost plus world market, whole foods and even Marshalls! Health foods store would probably have some as well.

  16. These all sound like such great comfort activities and you still look comfy and fabulous all at once! Keep feeling better!

  17. "nature sure has a way of taking care of us." Ah, a girl of my own heart. We even have the EXACT same neti-pot! Brooks swears by it! Hope you are feeling better!!