Monday, November 30, 2009

Look of the Day: Raw Reworking

I whittled away at my finishing touches today and I made a lot of progression. I am so lucky that my partner is a English Major, she did some AMAZING editing for me! I need to get her flowers or something to thank her. I took a break from my work for a quick and healthy lunch with my best friend Vanessa. We recently stumbled across a Raw Food Resturaunt, Planet Raw tucked away in a random shopping center and were very excited to check it out. Plus I needed some BRAIN food to fuel me, and it sure did the trick!

The Menu was amazing, we had a hard time picking our meal but everything we did choose was amazing! We plan on going back next week to try all new things. It was fun going with V because she is new to Raw foods and was ohhing and ahhing over everything, and shocked that NOTHING was cooked!

The amazing menu, filled with fresh, raw and organic choices.

We started our meal with Jalapeno Poppers. Not your average happy hour fare, these were fresh and stuffed with the creamiest cashew "cheese" and the Guac was out of this world! I had 2 pieces, half my flax chip and all of my guac.

We then split the Thai Soup, which was SOO good. It had some sort mushrooms in it that were very flavorful.
We took a break from food for some "blood". I need to figure how to make this at home on with my juicer! We sucked this down and V couldn't believe there was no added sugar.

We were pretty full by this point but we each tried one of the "Toasted Eel Sushi"rolls. It tasted like REAL sushi!! Again, it was amazing! We each took 3 rolls home.
And because I thought it was pertinent that Vanessa try a Raw dessert we ordered one to go (which I just enjoyed tonight). It was a Chocolate mousse atop a chocolate "cookie". In other words, whipped avocado and cashews with some agave and cacao. WOW! We got our $6 worth on that dish for sure. THANK YOU PLanet RAW! We plan to go back next week, with our containers in hand to be refilled!

Dinner was an (almost) Raw inspired meal. Cucumber slices, avacado, carrot sprigs and a dollap of Sriracha (the non raw element) and a sprinkle of Cayenne. YUM! Then I quickly polished off my chocolate mousse.

I was able to feel satisfied and cleanse today. Not much in the fashion department today, too focused on work. I just re-rocked a version of this outfit, this cardi and boots sure are making the rounds!


  1. And you still look GREAT even if you didn't put much effort into it, lady. ;)

  2. Oh, wow!!! What a delicious restaurant offering! Very jealous :)

  3. Planet raw sounds yummy! I love your outfit, you always dress so cute!

  4. VERY JEALOUS of Planet Raw!!! I don't know of one single raw place to eat in my whole state!

  5. OMG I can not WAIT to check this place out! I will seriously be renting a zipcar just to drive out there. Looove the idea of raw jalapeno poppers and I think I'll email Gena of Choosing Raw to see if she can whip us up a recipe!

  6. LC- Good call on asking Gena for a recipe! She responded to this thread but I would love her take on a recipe! Take Bart out to this side of the Bay and we hit it up for lunch or dinner!

  7. I happened to come across your blog and really enjoy seeing your Look of the Day. Where did you get that cardigan? i'm sorry if you may have already mentioned this in an older post- but i absolutely love love love it, and it could be a great addition to my christmas list :)

  8. Katlynn it is from We the People I go it at in on sale at nordtsrom in stores. It's not n sale online but here is the link to it
    Thanks for checking out the blog!

  9. thanks so much! i'll be passing that link right along to my boyfriend! lol

  10. awesome!! let me know if you get it!