Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Things Never Change

It's Friday night and what am I doing? Well besides blogging, I am playing dress up. Funny how as a kid I loved to dress up my Barbies and now I am still doing the same thing. Just now I am the blonde who gets to wear the fun outfits and stilettos. Tomorrow night I have an event to go to that will showcase some of the very best restaurants in my area, and even better all proceeds benefit the local food bank. I volunteered at the local food back quite a few times this year so I am happy to trade my hairnet in for a snazzy dress and some heels tomorrow night. Tonight though, I tried on some outfits. I'm still not sure what I am going to rock but I had just as much playing dress up tonight as I did back in the day when I used to play Barbies with my sis.

Some of the dresses up for contention.
Fun heels of course.

And if you, like me, don't have any plans this Friday night, try taking this quiz to find out which Sesame Street character you are. The quiz was sent to me by a blog reader Kirsten, thanks Kirsten! It was a a cute quiz but Umm I got Oscar! Not sure what that means but maybe that is why I am home alone on a Friday night! LOL!! I'm sure my Mom and sister will find the result oh so Hilarious;) If you happen to be bored and take it let me know who you got. I love how the result came on notebook paper, I may have to make this my new header ;)


  1. You have a closet to die for! Can you please move closer so I can raid it?

  2. aww Shana you are so sweet, really I don't but thank you! And hey that sounds good I would love to be a SoCal girl! Email sometime I need an update!! And have fun at your wedding this week! =)

  3. I must know...who makes those heels with the gem in the photo? I know I have seen them before but I can't put my finger on it.....

  4. That is one of the best quizzes out there! I am also Oscar, LOL! This reminds me...did you ever own the Fisher Price Sesame Street "little people" sets? They are now vintage collectibles!

    Regarding the Monday Night Meet-Up you asked about in my blog...Who? What? Where? I wasn't aware but probably can't since I'll be at work. But bloggie meet-ups are always fun. Enjoy yours!

  5. it says I'm Bert?! I agree with the first part put not the eccentric collector part. Heaven knows I dont like that clutter!
    Have fun at your dinner tonight. Are you free next weekend?

  6. NYFrame of mine the are Te Casan by Gaetano Perrone Women's Diana Pump

    LOL! Linda That is funny you are Oscar as well. I did not own those but how cool! I know some rainbow bright toys I HAD are collectors now. We have such cool toys back in the 80's. I would love to chat vintage with you sometime. The meetup was KERF dinner kath posted about on her blog.

    R: LOl Bert. Casey got the Count LOL! It said he lieks numbers haha. Next weekend I have 2 of my friends baby's birthday parties to go to on Saturday. The following weekend we were thinking of heading up that way to see my sister's new place and new kitten she is getting today. Are you guys going to be around that weekend? it's the 21st I think

  7. Such cute dresses! What did you end up wearing?

  8. Cute dresses

    I got Oscar too :)

  9. haven't taken the test but i know i'd be oscar too probably....

  10. I love that I got to take a lil peek at your closet: fab clothes..fab collection!

    One Love,