Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap Part III: G'ma knows best

My Gma is the coolest. Gma, also known as Olga, lived in Prague until my Mom was 13, and I only I had a cool accent like hers. I learned from her that you should always wear heels, big funky rings and to always rock leopard print. She also knows you can never be too blonde because they always have more fun! She has the best style and I have learned so much from her. She's 8o and wears 7 for all Mankind jeans, not because they are trendy because she came across them at Nordstrom and liked them! Plus she can pull them off. Thanks Gma for all you have taught me! Between all our outfits and my Mom's fabulous decorating, we had a very stylish Thanksgiving.

My fashion style icon.
My mom's gorgeous decorations.
I loved the gorgeous table setting. Hella cool mom! Yup I'm from NorCal and say Hella.
I told you I don't have a cool accent I just talk like a Valley girl.

My look of the day. It was a gorgeous top, not the most photogenic shirt, I looked rather large in some of the pictures but it was very pretty in person. I guess it was a good top to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!
My feather/flower hairpin. Rocking my COH AVA jeans, Free People sweater from Nordstrom, Steven by Steve Madden Boots, H&M hair pin and my Rebel Canon ;)


  1. Love your grandma and the tablescape! You look so cute... but Hella is NOT valley girl speak :)

  2. Amber I have this top too!! Haven't worn it yet, but am now totally inspired too! I love love love love love your hair pin!! Wish I had a H&M close to me because you totally rocked it!
    Tell your Mom and Gma that they are totally hella cool!!

  3. i LOVE the tablescape -- absolutely gorgeous! and the pops of orange is fabulous!!

  4. I live in Nor Cal and say "hella" too. Love your Free People sweater! I just went to the Free People boutique for the first time a couple days ago, love it.

  5. Everything looks gorgeous. You are 3 generations of the beautiful coolest!

  6. Your Gma pretty much rocks it!! She is hecka (Mormon Valley Girl) cool!

  7. how awesome is your grandma?! my hubby's grandma also has a great sense of style too....wish she still had her clothes around!

  8. Shana- oh Valley Girl with Hella thrown in! I am NorCal valley girl. I see the Mountain outside my window.

    Brittany-No wonder I love you we have similar tastes!! Lol at the hella!!!

    Thanks BagFashionista! It was all my mom!

    Lynn-Yay for norcal girls!

    R-Awww! My mom misses you! She can't wait to see you!

    Jackie-that cracked me up!!!!!

    Actors diet- Aww cool dressing gma's are the best.

  9. Your Mom's table was GORG! Love the picture of your grandma-too cute!

    You rocked the hair pin. I saw a girl with one of those on a headband that went around her forehead and I didn't like it. I thought to myself "That would be cute just pinned into her hair but that headband is a little much."

    Although I don't know if I would take ANY fashion advice from me. I'm pretty much clueless.