Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap Part I: Get Your Game on

The holidays are a such a fun time to kick back and spend time with your family. If your family is competitive like mine I'm sure you enjoy some good quality game time as well. Yesterday we rocked out holiday Trivia, Bingo, Connect Four, Liars Dice among other games. Of course prizes are lotto tickets, which only means more opportunities to win!
I hope you Holiday was as fun filled as mine!

Bingo, You know I won big! Check out those prizes!
Liars dice is always a great game to get break out your Pa-Pa Poker face....
Other random games filled our night with lots of winners and inevitably losers.We also spent our Thanksgiving making cat toys out of pipe cleaners. Of course this in it's self became a competition as well.

My sister's new kitty thought they were all winners!


  1. I'm going to have to remember lotto tixs as giveaway prizes. Tomorrow night is our night for holiday games with friends and a potluck Thanksgiving.

    I assume you didn't spend Thanksgiving shopping at Michaels. I heard the store was opened, which surprised me since I would think their main demographic are people who might be busy cooking.

    I look forward to your surprise post... .:-)

  2. Liars Dice is always a family fave!!