Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DIY: Jazz Hands

While waiting in line at JoAnn's the other day I found myself grabbing things out of the dollar bins. One of the items I picked up was a perfectly boring pair of knit gloves. I decided I needed to jazz these things up with some sparkle. I present you with my $1.oo gloves, remixed my way.

I randomly stitched beads and sequins on the outside rim of the glove.

What do you think? Casey's first response was "Those are very Micheal Jackson". I don't know if that is a bad thing or not. Do you think I should add more beads and glitz? Or are they good as is? Either way this project kept me entertained and who doesn't like to break out jazz hands??


  1. You should set up an Etsy store.

    I think they are adorable -- just the right amount of glitz.

  2. Too cute! I think they have just the right amount of glitz.

  3. Thanks for the opinions girls!

  4. I love it! Those would make great Chrsitmas gifts!

  5. Definitely going to copy this!