Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look of the Day: 3 Strikes and You're Out

Thanksgiving weekend is fun because lots of good friends come into town and it's a great time to catch up. Yesterday we met some friends for a good old bowling match. I am not the best bowler but I sure am competitive! We had fun throwing some strikes and dancing to some rocking tunes.

A great way to ruin any outfit.
Strike One!
Strike Two!
You're outta here! Actually we Brought down the house with our Turkeys!
My look of the day, obviously I had not known bowling was in my future.
And a sneak peak to my Christmas tree that will reside in my girly craft room!!!


  1. Oh-I recognize those balls! Pier 1? I love the outfit-did they make you give over a boot when you rented the shoes?

  2. OMG Chelsea NOT TRUE! I see Lucy's fit's you have style! And good eye on the ornaments ;)