Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Splendor

Tomorrow marks a great day to reflect on everything you have to be thankful for in you life. I am loving how at the end of every post this month Chelsea has been adding a Gratitude piece noting one thing she is thankful for everyday. Maybe I should make a list as well. Not only does tomorrow mark a day of reflection and gratitude, it means (to me) that is the begining of the Holiday season (hey at least I'm better then Macys' and wait till after Thanksgiving and Halloween!) On Friday I will start to pack up my fall decor and head to the Christmas tree lot and begin decking the halls. As much as I love Chrismas and it it's cherry decoration I will miss fall's pumpkins, gourds and flowers. So today I am embracing all things fall and enjoying them while they are still around.

My gourds are enjoying their last days of being the center of attention.
My gorgeous gerbers and sunflowers will soon be replaced by holly and posinsetta's.
Fall Farmers Markets finds are some of my favorite, at least some of these guys will be around a little longer.
Vitamin C is in full force in fall and winter, Mother nature knows we need to stock up on this time of year. My lemon tree is in full bloom! If anyone has lemon recipes, send them over!
I'm sure I will be back tonight with a look of the day post. The Night before Thanksgiving serves as the unoffical High School Reunion at the local bar scene. Although I will not partake in bar hopping I may meet up with some friends coming into to town before they hit up the bar debauchery.

I hope everyone has safe travels and a wonderful Holiday.


  1. Funny how mother nature works...hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. i never know quite what to do with fall -- but i do love christmas! we never did have a tree or anything christmassy, when i was a kid - so now that i am all "grown up", i have the license to go crazy! ;)

    Have a happy thanksgiving!! (and happy shopping on friday!!)

  3. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Amber! Does this mean you will not be shopping on Friday?

  4. WAY cute outfits! Is Casey always working when u snap the pictures?
    He should be ur camera man... Happy Thanksgiving and have a blast decorating! Love to do that too... Will have to dig thru containers since they came from Kauai last Christmas, boo hoo.

  5. I love fall. I totally love what you did with the cakestand! I am still on the hunt for one. I loving changing decorations for the seasons. It keeps things fresh. But fall colors are so beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. you should try some lemon pasta - nigella makes a good one but if you don't like heavy cream in your pasta i'm sure there's non-dairy recipes out there too....hope you had a wonderful t'giving!

  7. Love all the fruit! Why not make some limoncello???

  8. Ohh Limecello and Lemon pasta good calls!! Cool I will epi some good cream free reciepes! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!!!

    J'nette lol maybe I will ask Casey he usally gets few up with me and pictures he doesn't like how I insist on looking at every single one after he takes one!

  9. Cherry themed Christmas? How CUTE!