Wednesday, November 11, 2009

May I suggest?

May I please suggest the following ideas to improve your Wednesday?

Head over to Faded Plains to check out Andrea's latest store additions.
How cute are these stockings!? You know I already ordered some!
Click photo to grab some of your own, I will be surprised if she has any left by the end of the day!
If you were a Sweet Valley nut like me I suggest heading over to 1Bruce1 for all things Jessica and Elizabeth. I was quite the fan of those perfect size 6, blonde, Jeep driving twins. I sure loved those books and that board game! Thank you Marie Claire for having this link in your list of best time wasting websites, I don't have enough time wasting websites bookmarked.
image source unknown, SORRY!

I would also recommend purchasing yourself some seasonal flowers. They sure brighten up my day, and my living room.
And lastly remember to take a moment today to thank all of the Men and Women who have served our country. THANK YOU. The following picture is a local hillside memorial on the side of a freeway where a cross serves as reminder for every death in Iraq.

image from wikipedia

Hope you all have a great Wednesday, whether or not you have the day off!


  1. i was a HUGE SVH freak. never got into the younger j.h. stuff though

  2. LOL I was a HUGE SVH freak pretty sure i even dabbled in the younger thing! haha

  3. Love Sweet Valley High! This just brought me WAY back Amber!hehe