Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look of the Day: A Winning Combination

Yesterday I spent the day party hopping. And by party hopping I mean a six years old's Chuck E. Cheese party was our first stop and then we cruised over to my friends baby's 1st birthday party. After all the party hopping I went with fellow party hoppers, V and Jen to grab some sushi and to a bottle of wine. I had an amazing veggie sushi roll filled with jalapeno, mango and avocado. I also picked a winner using for the twilight tee so scroll down to see the winner!

My party hopping outfit, my necklace was a hit.
Wine and sushi make a winning combo.
And the winner of the tee is....
caroline hufford said...

"I bake, so I create yummy food! I love Twilight and my 15th birthday is on Tuesday, so winning this shirt would be awesome! Also, I absolutely love your style, I have stolen some looks from you and have gotten so many compliments! Will you post some instructions on how to make that faux pearl necklace from Lanvin? Thank you!"

Happy Birthday Caroline! I loved reading about every one's creations and thank you for entering. Caroline please email me at with the size of tee (S,M, or L) and your address! And I will defiantly post detailed instructions to the Lanvin Look-a-like necklace for you! Thanks for checking out the blog and thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. Love the outfit! Wine and sushi is the BEST combo!

    p.s. Thought of you while perusing all the craft ideas in the Dec. issue of MSL :)

  2. omg I have not got my Dec MSL issue yet!!

  3. I love those boots! Where did you get them?>

  4. jenny they are Ash Olivia boots from Nordstrom