Friday, October 9, 2009

On the Hunt

What I am on the Hunt for now is a Power Shoulder Dress, but not as extreme as this Balmain one. I need something wearable. Ohh and I am obsessed with the boots as well!! I also want a Hippie bohemian dress to wear under my Faux Fur Vest. So sad I missed the Joie dress when It was the Lucky Deal of the day. Hopefully I can find some reasonably priced options.
Image from Net-a-porter
Image from Planet Blue


  1. Have you looked at Alloy for a bohemian print dress? They have a bunch:;jsessionid=BCB763E7A020A72B0E534242529F9600.worker6?categoryID=1807&shopnavTrack=dresses.print

  2. What is your price range? I am going to search and do a feature on my site for you? :) If you don't mind, fun for me.

  3. Love your new blog header, I have yet to learn how to do that. And I KNEW you'd love the towel..... I think for Christmas you can give me a free fashion consultation LOL! LOVE the "ruffle" attitude- I whole-heartedly agree.

  4. OK Cool J! I will check those out!!

    OMG Kara how cool!!! Whatever price point you think your blog would like is don with me!!

    R!! I made my header on scrap blog, where did you make yours?? You don't need a fashion consultation, you looked SOO fab and Parisian in your Paris pics!