Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Born to Blog?

OMG! Last night whenI was going through some old things I came across these pictures (and more embarrassing one of my sister!! SORRY SIS!) that I took circa 1990 something. They were taken sometime when I rocked CK One and L.E.I jeans. I remember I set up sheets for the backdrop and styled my sis and directed her silly poses . At the time I think I took these because I thought I was going start a magazine or something. WOW I dreamed big. But now these pics totally look like blog posts to me. I got some pretty good shots considering it wasn't a digital camera. Thank you Sis for putting up with me.....Now and then ;) At least now I have a digital camera so I can style and take pictures of myself XoXo.


  1. That is what sisters are for. I have a few dozen of embarrassing modeling poses I put Jenna in. I love it!

  2. Amber I remeber these how fun!

  3. Wow. I do not remember being in these photos but I am so glad you hid my braces for your blog!