Tuesday, October 27, 2009

May I suggest?

May I suggest the following for your entertainment?
-Going to wordle.net then pasting your blog URL and see what design comes up, and then share your word cloud with me. Thank you Karen for posting this awesome site on your blog. I am obsessed!
-Voting for my friend Gaelyn at Rock and Roll Bride and check out her wedding planing and totally awesome DIY's.
-Reading this great New York Times article article on the blurred line between news/reality/entertainment and how the media was responsible hyping up the balloon boy. As well as how it eerily mirrored the Real Estate bust, a rather scary pattern. And then watch this totally hilarious "I'm in a box" balloon boy spoof.

My Word cloud from Wordle



  1. Neat, I am going to try it! :O)

  2. COOL! post a link if you do so I can see it. ANd Kelly do you have a blog? I can't figure out what the link to it is.

  3. I voted for Gaelyn (what a beautiful name btw) earlier -- Rock and Roll Bride is so fun. They seem like a really fun/ cool couple.

    Haha isn't wordle fun -- I am wondering if I can have something printed to hang on the wall based on it?

  4. omg I was totally I wanted to get my wordle printed I love it! Maybe with a few better words but I just love it want it for my craft room. THANK you for showing that site and thanks for voting for Gaelyn!

  5. The wordle is fun! I just went to the site and got my own word cloud. Not happy that the word "bacon" is the most prominent thing though, LOL!

    I also voted for your chums! Good luck to them.

  6. omg Linda! I loved that! I loved all your Foddie words!! I think it was because you made awesome BLTS even a VEG like me wanted to eat! thanks for voting!!!

  7. I am via cell phone right now, but I will definately do your suggestions once I get on my laptop, whenever that will be, haha.

    hope you had a great weekend and you are such a sweetheart for helping me find a dress, lord knows how overwhelmed I have gotten over it. but i did just go with the lulus dress. i didn't wanna look i have been so busy lately. but again thanks bunches!

    xo ash

  8. Ca't wait to see you in that dress ash! I'm sure it will look fab!

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