Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DIY: Picture me Blogging

After months of watching Holly Berry transform unwanted Craigslist finds into gorgeous pieces, I finally decided to try my hand on one. Or I mean, convince Casey to paint something for me. If you haven't checked out Holly's blog make sure you do, the girl has a great eye and her gorgeous pictures serve as great inspiration. I am so bummed my before pictures of my craft station, a hideous craiglist find, were deleted somehow. So here are the after pics of my craft area, that Casey finished painting this weekend. I, myself, am no Holly but I have a good painter on hand to assist me! I did though spend my afternoon filling my craft station up with all my wanna be Martha Craft Items. This is how it looks for now, I was so excited to set it up I'm sure it will evolve with time though.
EDIT: Before Picture as recovered!
This is the after pic, much better then before it was painted white by Casey.

Filled with Wanna Be Martha items.

Can you Picture me rolling? Oh wait that was Tupac.
Can you picture me blogging here? Well I am ;)

Crayola's serve as a source of creative color. They also serve as a reminder of the Last Lecture's Randy Pausch's idea to keep a crayon in your pocket when you need to be reminded of your childhood dreams. Day Dream Believer.Craft paper and card stock. I make my own cards, no need to buy Hallmarks here.

Inspiration Binders and Notebooks. The Black and White covered binders just happen to be in one of my inspiration notebooks, a Pottery Barn Catalog pic circa 2004.


  1. Thanks for the link to Holly's blog. Looks very cool. I love what you did with this :) I can't wait to do stuff like this when we move!

  2. Holly's Blog is amazing, glad you liked it!! =)

  3. Very creative I must say. The paint job from the pictures looks amazing. What did it look like before, like the color?

    It's awesome you found this off craiglist it has so many storage areas, what a great find!


    xo ash

  4. It looks great Amber! I love the crayon idea too - I still need to read that book.

  5. What a great craft cabinet...love the way you organized it.

    P.S. Thanks for the invite :o) I'm actually a California girl who moved to Nebraska 4 years ago...and love it!

  6. Looks great!! I love your little organizer cabinet! Great find!!

  7. I love the cabinet -- it looks so perfect and organized. I need to take some inspiration from you and organize myself!

    You cracked me up with the Tupac reference.

  8. ASh- it a hideous Brown, I can't quite describe it but it was just bad. The doors were broken as well but it had some potential, so mad the before pictures got deleted.

    Jen -you must read that book! I lent it someone otherwise I would send it off to you, it is a very motivating book.

    Andrea- Oh Nebraska is beautiful! and seriously that pie thing was the cutest thing ever I can't wait to do that! Love that you are a former Cali girl =)

    Thanks Kelly! Again I can't find the link to you blog if you want to link me.

    LOL Karen I was wondering if any would get that haha.

  9. Love it, I bet it took some painting!

  10. Thank girls! And thank you for checking out my blog!

  11. That's a very nifty cabinet - the paint is perfect! So sorry you lost the before pics. What was the cabinet's original color?

  12. Oh, too funny...I had to re-read your first sentence as I thought you wrote Halle Barry transforms Craiglist finds into treasures! But wouldn't that be cool!

  13. LOL Linda! That would be cool LOL. It was like a orange brownish color, not very cute. SO sad I lost those pictures!