Monday, October 26, 2009

Boofest 2009

Our day started at the pumpkin patch and ended with glowing pumpkins. Throughout the day pumpkins were carved, food was eaten and awards were given. The food seemed to be missed by the camera but the menu included bloody marys, deviled eggs and I scream sandwiches. My playlist and decorations completed the ambiance of the party.
The pumpkin patch where the fun began.
Gourds brought by my Uncle and were grown in his friends garden! These were amazing.
This pumpkin was also grown in his garden and required the sawzall to come out.
My uncle free handed this!
Awards for the pumpkins.

All lit up.


  1. Wow, looks like a great family day! And I dig all the Martha back catalogs. How much did your uncle's pumpkin weigh? From the angle of the picture, it looks quite hefty.

    And dont want to forget to mention that I also LOVE the cross necklace. I checked out the vendor's site and there are at least 4-5 different things I want from it. How did you find her? And where else do you shop on Etsy?

  2. I love that you gave out awards! The guy on his side with the stem as the nose looks so cool lit up - what a great idea.

  3. SO FUN! What a great tradition!

  4. Linda my uncle's pumpkin weighed a ton that thing was HUGE! Linda I found her by googling the sideways cross necklace and her link came up as one of the results. I usually find selles on Etsy by recommendations on blogs or by googling weird or something from the emails they send out. I shop there WAY too much! But I love supporting the "man" not the industry when I am shopping there.

    Karen, Thanks That was one of the ones I carved LOL! The boys made the awards while the girls carved lol.

    Thanks Rebecca you guys should down for next years! I use any excuse to throw a party! =)

  5. wow these pumpkins are amazing, i especially like the one made by your uncle :)

    xo ash

  6. Wow, Love all those pumpkins, especially ''Jack''