Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Who doesn't have fond memories of reading this book? The Where the Wild Things Are was short 10 sentence story but it was filled with pictures that said a thousand words. I remember spending hours looking at all the small hidden details in Maurice Sendak's illustrations. Sendeck's lovable story has finally come to life in a feature film directed by Spike Jonze. I personally cannot wait to see the movie. And from the Wild Things display I spotted at Urban Outfitters, to these amazing Wild Things designs at Opening Ceremony, it seems like everyone is just as excited as I am. Wouldn't this Max suit be the perfect costume to wear on a cold Halloween night? Or just any cold night for that matter! If I was dressing up for Halloween I would consider fashioning a DIY version for myself. Being cold is my biggest fear on All Hallow's Eve. To check out the entire line of Where the Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony click here
A vest that would make Rachel Zoe "DIE".
I am obsessed with this Bull Shawl Jacket. And to quote Gwen Stefani "How sick is this"?

Carol headband by Pamela Love. The perfect thing to make you feel a bit wild.

All Images are from Opening Ceremony. Click on pictures to be linked to items.


  1. I love that jacket -- the picture with the model and the bull is so funny!

  2. Omg, those costumes! They look cosy enough to wear all winter!

  3. I can picture my 6 year old dressing up in that cute costume. My sons and I are so anxious to see the movie too...just hoping it comes to our small town.

  4. i checked this out the other day. im in love with everything.

    yet to see the movie though, but soon. no one i know remembers reading it, but it was my all time favorite when i was a little tyke.

    xo ash

  5. Aren't they just adorable??

    KAren- The pictures were too funny. I just love that they did such a great job bringing the characters to life.

    Suzy- I know they look SOO cozy and for that price they better be! lol

    Andrea- OMG that would be SUCH an adorable costuem for a litte boy! You are lucky you have little ones to see the movie with, I will have to drag someone with me. I hope it comes to your town soon!!

    Ash-You must be young then! Or your friends completely missed out on an amazing book! LOL

    Thank you all for reading my blog, I really appreciate the comments.

  6. The bull shawl jacket is freaking amazing. Being a wild thing for Halloween is a great idea! I can't wait to see this movie =]

  7. thank you amber, you just reminded me I need to get tixs for the movie. i would love to get one of those headbands to wear this month but i don't think my circle of friends will get it.

  8. LOL Linda that post cracked me up. Any group of Where the Wild things Readers would love that head band)

  9. those outfits were cute..love the fur.

  10. SO r u talking like crazy to get Casey sold on wearing
    the partner costume?? Amazing outfits tho... I need a pic
    IF u end up using them for Halloween!

  11. LOL J'Net!! We are not dressing up BUT you should come by and trick or treat at our house! BUT I only give candy if you are dressed up!