Monday, October 12, 2009

Sucked In

About this time last year I sucked got into the uber popular Twilight series. The hype for the move was everywhere and I knew I would get dragged to see it. But I am adamant about reading books before I see movies, so I broke down and read Twilight. It was a quick, guilty pleasure read. Then I went and saw the movie and thought it was "eh". So I moved on. Well once again the movie is everywhere and I have to admit the second movie looks much better. I am not sure if it is the story line or just more vested into the movie, either way once again I am reading the book before the movie comes out. I only started it last night and my book mark indicates I am not very far in. We shall see. I'm sure it won't stand up to the Lost Symbol but I had to wait a few years for that book. I was though, impressed by the wedding dress sketches I saw on InStyle for The New Moon movie. I absolutely loved the backless one by Prabel Gurung. I guess this means there will be a wedding. I am going to keep on reading to find out...


  1. Glad to see u have joined the Twilight series junkies... Jax n Jenna talked about the books, Jesse read them and I FINALLY broke down and read them on the 5 hr. flights back and forth from Kauai. Gotta admit they entertained, I really did the reading so I could "relate" to my kids conversations?! So... the movies out?
    This isn't Jesse, it's J'net ON Jesse's computer. Aloha!

  2. I love that you are sucked in! It was harder for me to get through New Moon than Twilight, but it is still fun and I think New Moon will be a better movie.

  3. J&J thanks for reading my silly little blog! lol. When I have babies I will have to start a family blog. Although I know i won't be as clever and funny as Jackie's and her blog posts!!

    Ok that is good to know jackie because last night the beginning of the book was depressing me I almost put it down lol. J'net the movie comes out next month. It looks really good.

  4. FYI, There's no wedding before the forth book if I remember well.