Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Icon of Desire

I spent my Wednesday night watching not one, but two PBS documentaries. The first one was The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World based on the Book by Micheal Pollan. The documentary explored the evolution of the apple, tulip, cannabis plant and the potato. And how these plants adapted to survive through the needs (and desires) of humans. It was incredibly interesting, I just ordered the book. It reminded me how important my weekly trips to the farmers market for food and lovely flowers really are. See you Saturday mom!

The second doc was on the oh so gorgeous and iconic Marilyn Monroe. She has me wanting a bottle of bleach, lipstick and some big hair curls at the moment. I think a Marilyn Monroe movie marathon will suffice(That MMMM would make a GREAT scattergory response BTW). Every time I watch a Marilyn Movie or Audry Hepburn movie, it immediately sets the tone of my outfits for the week, so be forth warned. I will though, avoid any subway grates while wearing a dress, I'm not that cool.

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  1. She definitely has that sort of influence! I can't wait to see what outfits are the results of her inspiration.

  2. That book sounds so interesting. I loved Endless Forms Most Beautiful and it sounds like it's in a similar vein.

    And Marilyn is amazing - I agree I am excited to see the outfits she inspires.

  3. Hey! looking forward to getting some more amazing avacados on Saturday, you need to give me and re-cap of the documentary...

  4. oh no now I really have to have my marilyn marathon. LOL

    Thanks for that book recommendation Karen I will have to check that out.